Father and Son Coventry British Sikh actors. to hit the big screen in LA!

Coventry based Father and Son actors actors make it the silver screen across the pond on LA, with the release of THE BOY WHO NEVER CAME HOME which is based on a true story.  Manny Hayre and his super talented son will star in a new documentary which details the harrowing true story of a British Indian mother’s journey to finding a remedy to her 5-year-old son’s sudden illness. The journey exposes her to the dark world of India’s illegal organ trafficking underbelly.

 After doctors gave their final word that her 5-year-old son wouldn’t live, they proceeded murdered him and harvested his organs to trade in the black market. The documentary chronicles the life of the mother who for over forty years, has seen no justice and still bears the emotional scars to even bring herself to talk about what happened during that fateful vacation to India.

The film is a true depiction of the story; gritty, real and traumatic and raised poignant questions about the state of organ trafficking in India.

The documentary has been written and directed by Birmingham, UK’s talented and visionary film maker Ranjeet S. Marwa, the director behind 70
films ranging from short films to Bollywood productions. He said, “The Boy Who Never Came Home is a wakeup call, we need real action and real justice for the thousands of lives cut short by the illegal organ trade. This is a story that needed to be told, it took 40 years to hear it but I know it will resonate with parents around the world”.

The executive production team features a tour-de-force of cinema royalty. Executive Producer Bruce Payne has over 100 acting and producing credits and has been described as the “Brit Pack” of rising young British actors and producers who have taken Hollywood by storm.

Payne said, “Ranjeet has told an unbelievable story, a heartbreaking, true story which I think many people will leave teary-eyed “

Producer Ramtirth Singh Uppal is the producer behind films such as the 2018 box-office hit The Black Prince and Panjabi biopic, Toofan Singh.

Uppal said, “Ranjeet is a modern day Kubrick, a true and undeniable talent within the film industry”

The film launches in Los Angeles, USA on July 27th 2018 as part of its independent showing. It will be available to view at the Downtown Independent Theatre, 251 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA.

Details about the production team:

Directed by Ranjeet S. Marwa (IMDB)Executive Producer: Bruce Payne (IMBD)Producer: Ramtirth Singh Uppal (IMDB)

Tickets available at the Downtown Independent Cinema
Social Media: www.twitter.com/artistsonfilm


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