Ultimate Bare Knuckle are back at the BEC Arena in Manchester to present an evening of the very best in Professional Bare Knuckle Boxing after the success of previous events with sell out capacity crowds UBKB  go again, due to popular demand on July 6th!

Join ‘UK’s Scariest Debt Collector’ and show hit Netflix series ‘Bare Knuckle Fight Club’, Shaun Smith and the team at UBKB as they bring to Manchester the very best in Professional Bare Knuckle Boxing.

With a stacked fight card includng two title fights, a title eliminator and a stacked undercard of quaity matchup’s, and as always they are all thrillers and now fillers.

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Roofied (3) The Lethal Dose – Free Full movie out now!

“A game of snakes and ladders as we conclude Lucy’s journey in the human traffic underworld. Will Lucy escape the chains of control? But then again, this story is no fairy tale”

Sammie Lie Films are back once again with the third in the ‘Roofied’ Movie trilogy, new for 2019 is ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’, following hot off the back of success with ‘Roofied’ (2017) and ‘Roofied A Double Dose’ (2018)

‘A Lethal Dose’ demonstrates a steep learning curve for the British Independent Film Maker Sammie Lie, which a big leap in quality in all area’s from its predecessors, and also see Stu Armstrong making his acting duet

With fast moving, edge of  your seat writing from Miss Lie, this will have you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and leave you exhausted, but wanting more as the movie also portrays a very important message.

Look out for the fourth, and possibly final (Who knows) in the ‘Roofied’ franchise, ‘Roofied – The Antidote’ hitting screens late summer 2019

Roofied The Lethal Dose FULL FILM now out for general download worldwide

Roofied The Lethal Dose from Sammie Lei films is out now, the FULL FILM is available for download priced at only £4.99!

Stu Armstrong makes his movie acting debut in the Sammie Lei Films production, Roofied The Lethal Dose, Click here to download now of paste the URL below into your web browser, www.roofied.co.uk 

The this is the third film on the Roofied Trilogy  from Sammie Lee Films and see huge leap in in areas of the production the that is action packed from start to end full of twists of turns, but most importantly gives out a very important message. This is also a movie much of which is a true story to highlight Kidnap  and Trafficking of Woman and Girls who are forced to work against their will in the sex industry, which is sadly becoming more prevalent in this day and age, and is often swept under the carpet.

Stu Armstrong was quoted to say of Roofied the Lethal Dose “I have really enjoyed being a part of the production and testing my acting skills, I have always known the subject matter but when I first saw the full movie it was so powerful and thought provoking and drives home a strong message about girls being forced into the sex industry, and actually how very real this is.  Its a sad stated of affairs that this type of thing sadly goes on all over the work, but its also on the increase. I am immensely proud to have played my part in the film and if even one girl is made more aware and is saved by the message in this film then I will be blown away”

“As this was my first movie acting role I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have loved every second of it, everyone was so supportive of my being a new actor, in particular Witter and Director Sammie Lei, and I have made so good life long friends”

If you only see one film of the year, then this is the one to see!

Out for download now priced at only £4.99 from www.roofied.co.uk 

Order now for an edge of your seat, top quality watch!


Official Movie Trailer released for the third in the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy – ‘ROOFIED A LETHAL DOSE’ set to premier early 2019

The eagerly anticipated third movie in the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy, ‘A Lethal Dose’ called it a wrap and filming two weeks ago with an early 2019 premier looming  is shaping up to watch of epic proportions.

Shot entirely on location in Milton Keynes, Brighton & Hove and Derbyshire this has been a labour of love not for writer director Sammie Lei but for the entire cast a crew, with the official trailer being released today the excitement is already growing around the movie going population.

Filmmaker Sammie Lei was quoted as saying on the movie “We have all loved the making of a Lethal Dose and I hope that comes out in the final cut and that the movie going public can see our passion for the production and like the movie, that way we can continue the story as there is so much more to tell ”

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When someone spikes your drink with a drug without your knowledge. 
Effects include vomiting, loss of co-ordination and cognitive abilities, as well as coma induction.

Lucy got roofied the other night!



‘The Dairies of a Doorman – A Collection of True Short Stories’ by Stu Armstrong reduced to only £5.99 for a limited period in Paperback & Kindle formats from Amazon

A collection of true short stories based on the years that I have worked on the doors in the UK and abroad. This book is a real insight into the funny, tragic and completely bizarre people and experiences encountered by a Doorman.

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OUT NOW! ‘The Diaries of a Doorman Volume 4 – Bouncers and Bravado’

‘The Diaries of a Doorman 4 – Doorman & Divas’ is the fourth and final book in Stu Armstrong’s highly successful ‘The Diaries of a Doorman Series of books.


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once again Armstrong is back with his unique and humorous writing style as he recalls more tales of his life as a Bouncer. Gritty, Truthful, Funny, Sad, Tragic and Bizarre stories are recounted by Armstrong that will have you gripping the edge of your seat one minute and fall of it laughing the next, as a Doorman for over 20 years Stu has seen a lot, maybe too Much! The Diaries of a Doorman series includes: The Diaries of Doorman Volume 1 – Doorman & Divas The Diaries of a Doorman Volume 2 – Bouncers & Bravado The Diaries of a Doorman Volume 3 – Bouncing in the Sun

‘BOXER’ that latest book from Stu Armstrong hits the press

‘BOXER’ that latest book from Stu Armstrong hits the press

The latest book from author Stu Armstrong, with foreword by fomer Cruiserweight Champion of the world, Glenn McCory, is set for release this saturday has hit the press this weekend with a fantastic article in the weeks Sunday Sun.

Click here or use the url below to view the full article. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/new-book-set-north-east-13664815

Stu Armstrong Media pleased to work with Clash of the Vikings!

Stu Armstrong Media is pleased to add another top boxing promotion to its client list, the HUGE Clash of the Vickings promotions by old friend of Stu Armstrong, the crazy MC Brian Houshby.

The next Clash of the Vikings show promises to be jaw dropping with an amzing fight card including gloved and Bare Knuckle Boxing to be held at The Point Nightclub in Sunderland on August Bank Holiday Sunday 27th August

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This is how is went down the last time Brian and Stu worked together!



Former Cruiserweight Champion of the Word & TV Boxing Punditt and Personality, Glenn McCrory to write foreword for the lastest book by Stu Armstrong ‘BOXER’

Click here to pre-order now from Amazon!

BOXER is the story ‘Micky Tyson’, Christened ‘Michael’ by his father after his hero ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.

Micky the oldest of four children takes it harder than the others when his father, an unlicensed boxer, who had what it took to turn pro but never did, was killed tragically by a hit and run driver when Micky was only Ten years old. We pick up the story when Micky turns fifteen, still struggling to cope with the loss of his Dad, by accident stumbles across his father’s old boxing gym, that he visited many times up until his Dads untimely death.

Will Micky have the courage to face his demons and ghosts and enter the gym? Will he follow his father into pugilism?
Will Micky come face to face to killer of his beloved farther?

This is BOXER, this is Micky Tyson’s storey over a ten-year period, set in a very real and gritty backdrop of unlicensed boxing in the working class North East of England, out September 30th in Paperback and Kindle from the author of ‘The Diaries of a Doorman’ series of books Stu Armstrong

With foreword by former IBF Cruiserweight Champion of the World, TV Boxing Pundit & Personality the North Easts very Glenn McCrory!

Who better is there there to give an insight about the boxing scene in the North East of England, than a man from the area, that not only took part, but conquered the world! Big thanks to Glenn for agreeing to contribute to ‘BOXER’

Click here for Stu Armstrong’s Author profile including links to Stu’s books that are avaiable to order now in Paperback and Kindle format direct from Amazon!