Roofied (3) The Lethal Dose – Free Full movie out now!

“A game of snakes and ladders as we conclude Lucy’s journey in the human traffic underworld. Will Lucy escape the chains of control? But then again, this story is no fairy tale”

Sammie Lie Films are back once again with the third in the ‘Roofied’ Movie trilogy, new for 2019 is ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’, following hot off the back of success with ‘Roofied’ (2017) and ‘Roofied A Double Dose’ (2018)

‘A Lethal Dose’ demonstrates a steep learning curve for the British Independent Film Maker Sammie Lie, which a big leap in quality in all area’s from its predecessors, and also see Stu Armstrong making his acting duet

With fast moving, edge of  your seat writing from Miss Lie, this will have you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and leave you exhausted, but wanting more as the movie also portrays a very important message.

Look out for the fourth, and possibly final (Who knows) in the ‘Roofied’ franchise, ‘Roofied – The Antidote’ hitting screens late summer 2019

After success of Roofied (3) The Lethal Dose, Sammie Lei Films announce Roofied (4) The Antidote coming this summer!

Hot on the heels of , ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’ Sammie Lei Films will follow the success with movie number four in the ‘Roofied Franchise’ with ‘Roofied – The Antidote’ with filming set to commence this February.

Already gathering huge interest from fans of Independent British Film, this looks to be once again a hold on to seat watch with this action packed production that gives and important message.

Don’t forget if you haven’t seen the third, and best to date movie in the Roofied franchise then you can download the FULL film now from

Official Movie Trailer released for the third in the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy – ‘ROOFIED A LETHAL DOSE’ set to premier early 2019

The eagerly anticipated third movie in the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy, ‘A Lethal Dose’ called it a wrap and filming two weeks ago with an early 2019 premier looming  is shaping up to watch of epic proportions.

Shot entirely on location in Milton Keynes, Brighton & Hove and Derbyshire this has been a labour of love not for writer director Sammie Lei but for the entire cast a crew, with the official trailer being released today the excitement is already growing around the movie going population.

Filmmaker Sammie Lei was quoted as saying on the movie “We have all loved the making of a Lethal Dose and I hope that comes out in the final cut and that the movie going public can see our passion for the production and like the movie, that way we can continue the story as there is so much more to tell ”

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When someone spikes your drink with a drug without your knowledge. 
Effects include vomiting, loss of co-ordination and cognitive abilities, as well as coma induction.

Lucy got roofied the other night!