Britain’s most notorious prisoner Charlie Salvador spearheads campaign against knife crime

Charlie Salvador aka Bronson May well be behind bars but the shocking incidents of knifecrime and the waste of young, often teenage lives certainly hasn’t escaped Charlie who along with Rod and Linda Harrison have launched a campaign to raise awareness.
With a booklet produced giving information and resources it’s is hoped that this will hit schools and other areas in which our youth can read this resource
An exclusive range of T-Shirts has also been produced not only to raise awareness but to also raise campaign funds
For more information contact
Rod  Harrison

‘A Breed Apart’ by Tony Sayers and Eddie Lennie exclusive book launch

Newcastle Irish Centre last night hosted the packed out launch of the new book by Tony Sayers and Eddie Lennie, A New Breed which charts the history from of the North Easts most notorious family over two centuries and all the way back to Ireland.

‘A Breed Apart’ is available now from The Back Page Store’ in both Newcastle and The Metro Centre, as well as Amazon in both paperback and kindle format. Click here now to order

Already receiving rave 5 Star reviews on Amazon this is sure to hit the best seller charts very soon!

A Breed Apart by Tony Sayers and Eddie Lenny

Every village, town and city has its share of notorious names and infamous families. Ones who seem to capture the headlines and imagination of its inhabitants.
On Tyneside one family name has long been synonymous with controversy and crime for decades, yet their lifelong conflict with the law began over a century ago,

Roofied (3) The Lethal Dose – Free Full movie out now!

“A game of snakes and ladders as we conclude Lucy’s journey in the human traffic underworld. Will Lucy escape the chains of control? But then again, this story is no fairy tale”

Sammie Lie Films are back once again with the third in the ‘Roofied’ Movie trilogy, new for 2019 is ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’, following hot off the back of success with ‘Roofied’ (2017) and ‘Roofied A Double Dose’ (2018)

‘A Lethal Dose’ demonstrates a steep learning curve for the British Independent Film Maker Sammie Lie, which a big leap in quality in all area’s from its predecessors, and also see Stu Armstrong making his acting duet

With fast moving, edge of  your seat writing from Miss Lie, this will have you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and leave you exhausted, but wanting more as the movie also portrays a very important message.

Look out for the fourth, and possibly final (Who knows) in the ‘Roofied’ franchise, ‘Roofied – The Antidote’ hitting screens late summer 2019

Join me LIVE from 1pm at the UK Academy of Bare Knuckle Boxing

Join me live on Facebook from 1pm and across the afternoon where I will bring you exclusive interviews with UBKB’s Bare Knuckle Fighters as well as exclusive footage from the UBKB training day as ‘The Debt Collector’ and worlds number one Bare Knuckle Boxing referee Shaun Smith will be taking hopefuls through their paces with that amazing chance of becoming a UBKB Bare Knuckle fighter.

Join us from 1pm exclusively at

Not called Ultimate without good reason! UBKB announce a number epic fight over the day for BEC Arena Manchester!

Far from a sleepy Sunday for the fight matchers at UBKB today with some fighters of epic proportions being announced, notably the UBKB Challenge Belt Title defence by Luke ‘Loose Cannon’ Atkin who will be toeing the line against Bradford’s Daniel ‘Dan Dan’ Hunter. Two very experienced and exciting fighters, this one won’t be a war, this will Armageddon!

Next up see’s the very welcome return to the Bare Knuckle Ring for two fighters that have taken some time out, Andy Roberts will take on one the originals from back in the day ‘The Problem’ Ross Chittock. These two Bare Knuckle Warriors won’t have time for any ring rust in what is predicted to be a fast and furious fight.

And last but certainly by now means least, also announced by #TEAMUBKB today we she a fight that has al the makings of a possible fight of this night, as the Bare Knuckle Boxing WorLDS’s social media sweetheart Jay ‘Bam Bam’ Eggleston takes on Bare Knuckle Debutant, Durhams Reece Drummond


This is once more going to raise the bar in Bare Knuckle Boxing with a number of other epic fights already announced, including a grudge match and two title fights, and even more to come. make sure you don’t miss out and witness this first hand! Order tickets now to avoid disappointment from any fighter, Online at or from Stu Armstrong, Amanda Smith or Anna Foreman

This isn’t just Bare Knuckle Boxing…………………..This is ULTIMATE BARE KNUCKLE BOXING!

Roofied The Lethal Dose FULL FILM now out for general download worldwide

Roofied The Lethal Dose from Sammie Lei films is out now, the FULL FILM is available for download priced at only £4.99!

Stu Armstrong makes his movie acting debut in the Sammie Lei Films production, Roofied The Lethal Dose, Click here to download now of paste the URL below into your web browser, 

The this is the third film on the Roofied Trilogy  from Sammie Lee Films and see huge leap in in areas of the production the that is action packed from start to end full of twists of turns, but most importantly gives out a very important message. This is also a movie much of which is a true story to highlight Kidnap  and Trafficking of Woman and Girls who are forced to work against their will in the sex industry, which is sadly becoming more prevalent in this day and age, and is often swept under the carpet.

Stu Armstrong was quoted to say of Roofied the Lethal Dose “I have really enjoyed being a part of the production and testing my acting skills, I have always known the subject matter but when I first saw the full movie it was so powerful and thought provoking and drives home a strong message about girls being forced into the sex industry, and actually how very real this is.  Its a sad stated of affairs that this type of thing sadly goes on all over the work, but its also on the increase. I am immensely proud to have played my part in the film and if even one girl is made more aware and is saved by the message in this film then I will be blown away”

“As this was my first movie acting role I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have loved every second of it, everyone was so supportive of my being a new actor, in particular Witter and Director Sammie Lei, and I have made so good life long friends”

If you only see one film of the year, then this is the one to see!

Out for download now priced at only £4.99 from 

Order now for an edge of your seat, top quality watch!


Father & Son in Double Bare Knuckle Boxing Title Bid. Both very ‘Keen’ to become champs!

All eyes on the BEC Arena in Manchester on March 30th as the a Father and Son will both step into the ring as contenders to become British Bare Knuckle Boxing Champions!

Duane ‘The Wrecking Machine’ Keen will be stepping through the rope to take Will Cairns as they battle it out over five rounds devoid of boxing gloves to contest the Middleweight Title, and his Son, Corey Keen, will contest the Welterweight British Title taking on John Spencer to lift the Welterweight strap

On social media the father of the Keen duo, Duane, commented ‘Its not the first time we have both done this, we can do it once we can do it again”, complete with a photograph of father and son proudly displaying title belts won on the same show.

Will they do it again? Well they both take on very very experienced, skilled and tough fighters by weight of Cairns and Spencer and they both want to taste title success so will certainly be brining a seriously tasty fight on the night.

UBKB Manchester is really taking shape as we once again return to the Salfords BEC Arena with some amazing bouts already announced and more to come. Tickets are out now priced as below:

Seated £35 – VIP £50 – Ringside £70

Tickets are available from all fighters, online at, or from Stu Armstrong, Amanda Smith or Anna Foreman


UBKB always bring fireworks to the ring  but Manchester is going to really see sparks fly on March 30th at the BEC Arena with a Bare Knuckle Grudge Match!  Two experienced Bare Knuckle Fighters who both have a real dislike for one another are going to step through the ropes and go toe to toe.

Chris ‘The Scalpsnatcher’ Wheeldon who took to social media last week to fire shots at his opponent Seamus Devlin, asking was hiding in the broom cupboard from him, in return Seamus was soon to fire shots back to the Scalp Snatcher promising to “Retire this average c**t”

This is NOT one to miss, will Wheeldon Snatch the Scalp or Devlin? Can Devlin really retire Wheeldon? Only one way to find out! BE THERE!

This is just one of the top level Bare Knuckle Fights on a huge fight card on March 30th! Dont delay order tickets today!!

Tickets available from all fighters or  online at


United Kingdom Muay Thai Awards Photographer of the Year 2018 announced as Martyn Jones

Photographer Martyn Jones of Origins Media was this morning named a the winner of the coveted, UK Mauy Thai awards photographer of the year 2018 beating of some very strong competition in the finals.

For more information on the United Kind Mauy Thai Awards please visit them by clicking here  and of course to find out more about Origins Media and Photographer o the Year Martyn Jones click here

Derbyshire’s EXCEPTIONAL VAPES nominated  for Vape Store pf the Year Award! – VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!

Derbyshire’s number one  vape emporium and stockiest of all things vape, EXCEPTIONAL VAPES it has been announced has been nominated for the Ecigclick Vape Store of the year award! Currently sat in second place and rising they need YOUR help to get the number one spot, so please vote now!

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Mansfield’s Civic Quarter Boss, Paul Andrews’ makes his acting debut in the movie ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’

A well known Mansfield Man and boss of the the town’s ‘Civic Quarter’ entertainment venue, Paul Andrews’, was on the set of the Sammie Lei movie ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’ filming scenes for his acting debut.

‘The Lethal Dose’ is the third in the trilogy of ‘Roofied’ movies from Milton Keynes based Sammei Lei which is set to premier in January 2019.

Playing a role that many actors would certainly not find easy Paul managed to to pull off a great performance. Fellow actor and friend of Pauls, Stu Armstrong, who plays ‘Richy’ in The Lethal Dose said of Paul, “I was amazed at how quickly he got into character and delivered a fantastic preference worthy of a seasoned actor”

To find out more abut more about Pauls acting debut and to stay up to date with the movie ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’ please check out, like and share the official Facebook fan page 

The third movie in the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy, ‘Roofied A Lethal Dose’ is taking shape and looking to be the best yet!!

Filming is near completion for the third movie in Sammei Lei’s ‘Roofied’ Trilogy  and is expected to really up the game and be the best yet on early 2019 release.

With more twists and turns than a winding road this is a movie that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. With shooting near completion in both Newport Pagnal and Hove on the South Coast you really will be in for. treat with ‘Lethal Dose’ looking set to become a cult classic!

If you haven’t seen the first two movies in the Trilogy, ‘Roofied’ and ‘Roofied a Double Dose’ then never fear, see below for FREE links to view both Movies!

For the latest news, views and previews please check out the official fan page on Facebook for ‘Roofied A Lethal Dose’ by clicking here or pasting the URL below into your browser www/



Twisted House DJ Supremo, Martyn Cavna has done it smashed it once again with Twisted House Volume 30! OUT NOW FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!

Twisted House DJ Supremo, Martyn Cavna has done it smashed it once again with Twisted House Volume 30! Make sure to check this out, and whats even better its been released for FREE Download!

Simply click below to access this amazing set with is Ambrosia to the Ears!!

To find out more about Martyn and Twisted House please like and share their facebook fan page with can be found at


Geordie Chasers – North East based Paedophile Hunters launch new website and child online safety resources –

Geordie Chasers are a North East based online child protection team, their main goal is to deter groomers from talking to our children online by having a presence monitoring sites known to us to have children being approached by adults most of the time looking for sex and sexual activity.

By talking to Geordie Chasers decoys that’s potentially real children not been targeted by these online sexual predators, once we have all the evidence we approach the predator and film it for evidence then hand them over to the police for them to do their investigations.

The launch of the new website marks a milestone I this small, and totally voluntary group. The website has been carefully planned over a period of time to not just share videos of these vile Nonce’s, but to also help parents to keep their child safe with some excellent content this really is a hub of information that all parents should take time to read.

We all know the word Paedophile, but I am quite show that a great many people don’t actually know much about them, what to look for and crucially how to identify a Paedophile which very sadly these days seem to come in an array of different guise.

They have put together a fantastic article on‘How to Identify a Paedophile’ and I know that I as a parent myself found some if actually shocking but very revealing and the way the world is today I would implore all parents to make sure that they read this article, this could be one piece of reading that may well stop your child becoming a victim of these vile creatures. Click here to read now, of copy the hyperlink below into your browser

So, just who are these unsung heroes, ‘The Geordie Chasers’,and why do they keep their identity’s hidden, and not for any sinister reasons, but to protect their own safety of possible reprisals from those that they have exposed and helped to convict. Nor they walk about in capes with underwear over their clothes, superhero style. These are a group of normal everyday hard working men and women who give their time, and a lot of it to trying to keep our children safe.

And, I know this first hand. Geordie Chasers contacted me some weeks ago due to my background as a former Doorman and asked if I could help them on a sting as security. They didn’t just say ‘Come on then Stu lets go” we talked a lot about it over a couple weeks to make sure that I understood what they wanted me to do, and that was to keep them safe, and to keep the mark safe. When they first said to keep the potential Nonce safe I thought to myself ‘Why in the world would I want to protect or keep safe a beast’, and the more we talked this is actually essential to get a conviction. If for example a passer-by to sting see’s what’s going on and they attack the Nonce then there is a very good chance that they cannot be convicted.

Now I am not debating the rights and wrongs of this and I would never want to keep a Paedophile Safe, but I want what we all want, and that to have them taken off the streets and locked up.

Equally it’s to keep team safe as well and if required to take down and physically restrain the Paedophile making sure not to cross a line and stay within the realms of what is deemed reasonable force.

I wasn’t sure what I expected as I met the team in a non-descript fast food outlet, in a no district little town in the North East, but what I encountered that night were two run of the mill, just normal people, but doing an extra ordinary thing to keep children safe.

The amount of time and work that goes into a sting is phenomenal, they don’t just rock up for ten minutes to meet a paedophile, film him get him arrestted and job done, far from it. From hours on end acting as a decoy which must be vile sickening work, to preparing evidence and then often sitting into the early hours at a police station after the arrest.

What struck me a lot the night I went on a sting was they had with them ready typed completed statements in the correct and official format ready to hand to law enforcement, and a CD with all of the evidence ready to hand over to the police.

It was a successful sting that I joined the team to assist them with, and the thing that will stay with me forever is what the Paedophile said as he was handcuffed and being led into a police car “Well it’s her fault, it’s an 18-year-old and over website, so she shouldn’t have been on it in the first place” as if to justify he sick and depraved actions!

I would ask that everyone, no matter if they are parents or not please check out the website, you never know the knowledge that you gain by reading some of the excellent resources held here maybe, one day could save a child from the most disgusting and vile of crimes. Once you have checked out the site then please could you ALL share the website on all of your social media pages so not only can this fantastic resource be shared, but it also raises awareness of just what a dangerous world we bring our children up in these days.

A big thanks to the Geordie Chasers for allowing me to help on a real sting, it’s certainly increased my awareness and knowledge of this sickening and vile subject, and of course I am sure to be helping them them out again at some point in the future.

Your support is much needed by Geordie Chases, so please check the website and list them on Social Media.

Lets keep our children safe!!


Twitter: @geordiechaser

Instagram: @geordiechaser

Copyright Stu Armstrong Media 2018©



Matchroom Newcaste all set to be a sensational night for North East Boxing – Josh Kelly, Lewis Ritson, Anthony Nelson. Stu Hall to name but a few!

4 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest @ 11st 2lbz
(Spennymoor)            (Stourbridge)

4 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest @ 10st 2lbs
(Bedlington)                (Chichester)

4 x 3 mins Cruiserweight contest @ 13st
(Newcastle)                          (Lithuania)

6 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight contest @ 12st 2lbs
JAKE HAIGH          v        ADAM JONES
(Macclesfield)                (Denaby)

6 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest @ 10st 2lbs
(Coatbridge)            (Croatia)

10 x 3 mins English Cruiserweight Championship @ 14st 4lbs
ARFAN IQBAL   14st 3lb 2oz v SIMON VALLILY 14st 3lbs
(Derby)                                        (Middlesbrough)

10 x 3 mins WBA Continental Super-Flyweight Championship @ 8st 3lbs
CHARLIE EDWARDS 8st 2lbs 8oz v ANTHONY NELSON 8st 3lbs
(Croydon)                                                (South Shields)

12 x 3 mins WBC International Super-Bantamweight Championship @ 8st 10lbs
GAVIN McDONNELL 8st 9lbs 8oz v STUART HALL 8st 9lbs 8oz
(Doncaster)                                   (Darlington)

12 x 3 mins British Lightweight Championship @ 9st 9lbs
LEWIS RITSON 9st 9lbs* v PAUL HYLAND Jr 9st 9lbs
(Newcastle)                            (Belfast)
*Ritson weighed 9st 9lbs 2oz first, returned to the scales to make the championship limit

12 x 3 mins Commonwealth Welterweight Championship @ 10st 7lbs
KRIS GEORGE  10st 6lbs 8oz v JOSH KELLY 10st 6lbs 2oz
(Queensland)                                    (Sunderland)

6 x 3 mins Welterweight contest @ 10st 10lbs
GLENN FOOT          v     SAM OMIDI
(Sunderland)                 (Manchester)

North East Man steps into the ‘PIT’ to fight for the ‘Great North Children’s Hospital at the RVI

North East Boxer and unbeaten Bare-Knuckle Fight from Prudoe, Ben ‘The Bull’ Shields, will be stepping into the world of ‘Pit Fighting’ on March 17th at the Spartan Promotions ‘Spartan 1’ show in Mansfield, to raise funds for Newcastle’s ‘Great North Children’s Hospital’ at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Ben is already a successful Bare-Knuckle Boxer who is currently unbeaten and is swapping the ring for the ‘Pit’ for the ultimate combat experience taking on Matt Piper in a 12ft x 10ft pit made from straw hay bales.

The Spartan Promotions show also features some of the best known faces in Bare Knuckle Boxing including Andrew Price (Sunderland) and Ross Chittock (Oxford).

Owner of Spartan Promotions, Christian Roberts said, “I was introduced to Ben by old friend of mine, Stu Armstrong, and straight away I was excited to have a fighter of Bens calibre on the Bill, but I think that donating his full fight place to the children hospital is an amazing gesture”

While Ben himself doesn’t seem to think it’s such a big thing and wants to help the hospital that looked after his Son said “The Great North Children’s Hospital do such an amazing job, and they looked after my own son when he was first born, who knows what would happen without having such a centre of excellence in paediatric care in the area, the very least I can do is donate my purse from this fight to this amazing place and the amazing people”

The fight itself will take place on March 17th at Mansfield Civic Centre, Tickets are priced at £50 and are available from Ben direct from his official social media page.


Breaking News – Tyneside women goes all out to top the record books for the most selfies!!

A local woman is about to put North Tyneside well and truly on the map as she is only days away from becoming the world record holder in selfie taking.

Natalie Hubbard, 21 from North Tyneside already holds a current Guinness World Record on the number of ‘Creep Shots’ taken in one night and fully intends to become a double record holder, but it is a very fine line between a ‘Creep Shot’ and a ‘Selfie’ so the Guinness Book of records will of course be sending Noris McWhirter and Roy Castle round not just to check for cheating but also for the obligate selfie with  Hubbard!

Look for youself of Natalies impressive collection of selfies, there is just no stopping her, and nobody but nobody is safe!