Roofied A Lethal Dose out now on DVD!

The third title in the British Independent Films, ‘Roofied’ Series ‘Roofied A Lethal Dose’ was released this morning on DVD following up from last weeks digital download release.

From Sammie Lei films ‘A Lethal Dose’ does so much more than just follow on the heels of its predecessors, Roofied (1) and Roofied a Double Dose (2) it absolute blows them out of the water and really sets the bar for British Indie films in all departments from writing, directing, acting, special effects and most notably, an epic soundtrack added with skill and panache’ during the edit which sound amazing on any system but as the DVD has been mastered in Dolby 5.1 then why not go for that cinema sound feel.

Available now and priced at only £4.99, order now at

After success of Roofied (3) The Lethal Dose, Sammie Lei Films announce Roofied (4) The Antidote coming this summer!

Hot on the heels of , ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’ Sammie Lei Films will follow the success with movie number four in the ‘Roofied Franchise’ with ‘Roofied – The Antidote’ with filming set to commence this February.

Already gathering huge interest from fans of Independent British Film, this looks to be once again a hold on to seat watch with this action packed production that gives and important message.

Don’t forget if you haven’t seen the third, and best to date movie in the Roofied franchise then you can download the FULL film now from