Rematch for double Bare Knuckle Titles

Who can fail to recall the epic Bare Knuckle bout earlier this year between the UBKB British Light Welterweight Champion and the UBKB British Welterweight Champion, both putting their belts on the line for the victor to take the spoils walking away with both belts!

John Spencer and Mad Joe displayed huge respect for each other in the ring, whilst going to toe to toe in what turned out to be a brutal and bloody display or Professional Bare Knuckle Boxing.

In less than a week, on November 2nd these two warriors will do it all again as they rematch, with John Spencer putting now both belts on the line and Mad Joe determined not only to reclaim his belt, but also to relieve Spencer of his!

There only one way to see this and thats to be here, this coming Saturday at the BEC Arena in Manchester! Few remaining tickets still available from or Eventbrite