Leigh Tattoo Emporium become permanent Bare Knuckle Boxing Sponsor. Cut Throat Tattoos today announced the will become a permanent sponsor of UBKB

It was announced today that owner of one of the North Wests finest Tattoo Emporiums, Cut Throat Tattoos has signed a deal with ‘Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing’ Boss, Shaun Smith to become a pertinent sponsor of UBKB.

Mark Cain, seen below with Shaun Smith, is the owner and artist at Cut Throat tattoos in Warrington Road, Leigh is a huge fan of Bare Knuckle Boxing and has went on record to say that UBKB are the promoter of europe’s faster growing sport that he would work with due to their stringent procedures on fighter safety. At the last UBKB show two weeks ago at Manchesters BEC Arena Mark was part of the independent panel of high experienced judges.

UBKB’s Stu Armstrong was quoted to say “Sponsorship is a very important part of modern sporting events, but in saying that we wouldn’t work with just anyone as an organisation we strive for the best in all that we do, so we are really pleased to work with Mark and the Team from Cut Throat Tattoos, as they, like us strive for excellence. Mark has done some amazing work on deigning the original concept of our logo that he has perfectly crafted to ink. I have personal experience of Mark as an artist a year of so ago when he did some ink for me, so I know just how the results are”

To find out more about Cut Throat Tattoos please check them out and Facebook and make sure to give them a like by clicking here

Please see below for amazing examples of Marks work, and remember Mark does very special offer for all UBKB fans who would like the UBKB logo tattooed, drop him a message via facebook for details


We are very pleased to announce the appointment of the first ever 100% Official UBKB Photographer, and would like to give Martyn Jones a very warm welcome to #teamubkb. Martyn is an award winning professional combat sports photographer with years of experience in his craft.

Martyn can seen below signing a contract with UBKB and will work exclusively for UBKB when it comes to Bare Knuckle Boxing!

Martyn’s whole ethos is not just to take a photograph, but to capture the story and the emotions of the subjects that he photographs, he joined us at our last show for the day and I am sure that everyone will agree that his world is second to none, and he will from now be at all of our shows, training days and events.

UBKB’s Stu Armstrong has known and worked with Martyn Jones for years than he cares to remember and has has long been Stu’s photographer of choice. Martyn absolutely loves UBKB and is hoping to be able to build up the trust of #teamubkb especially the fighters and without doubt he will produce some AMAZING images.

Commitment wise, well what can we say, at the last show he was so intent on getting the perfect shot that he managed to catch an accidental kick in the face from a boxing boot and suffered a broken cheek bone! We will make sure in future that he keeps his head out the ring, but in his words, “It’s all part of the job nothing to worry about”

So please all give Martyn a warm welcome when you see him at UBKB events and look forward to some amazing images.

To find out more about Martyn and Origins Media check out his Instagram profile @Origins_Media and see below for a random selection of his shots from the last UBKB show

To be the best you have to work with the best!

Former Two times World Bare Knuckle Champion to become Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxings assistant referee!

The name that has struck fear into the heart go many fighter, ‘The Loose’ Cannon as he entered the ring is taking up a new chalange still at the heart of Bare Knuckle Boxing.

The York born and bred former two-times World Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion Luke Atkin will become UBKB’s assistant refree and will be woking closely with head referee and promoter, Shaun Smith as he steps back a little from fighting in preparation for his family growing very soon.

Who better than Luke, who has fought and won, at the very highest level of the sort  to work alongside Shaun Smith refereeing,

We all wish Luke the very best of luck in his new role, and for his growing family