UBKB Introduce Judges for the Bare Knuckle spectacular planned for July 6th In Manchester!

Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing introduce the judges who will be keeping a watchful eyes of our warriors at war in the ring on July 7th
Mark Cain – Most UBKB fans will  know Mark already, this man has a passion for UBKB, so much so through his Business Cut-Throat Tattoo Studio, Leigh we are proud to have him as one of UBKB’s official sponsors. This man loves UBKB to its core and one of the most genuine people I know
Jim Latimer – Jim is close friend of mine, an ex boxer himself with many years of experience as a boxing judge at all levels, from the ABA’s with England Boxing to some of the biggest unlicensed shows in the UK. Really knows his stuff and always unbiased.
Ian Jones – What can I say, Ian needs no introduction, he has been around bare Knuckle Boxing since the early days, and is the brother of the legendary ‘Bangor Hammer’ Bare Knuckle legend Seth Jones, and what this man doesn’t know bout BKB isn’t worth knowing
Set to be yet amazing night from UBKB, see below for fight card! Few remaining tickets available from www.ubkb.uk or Eventbrite

Shakespear brought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century , with new feature film set amongst the gang culture of towler block life in 2019!

Title: William Shakespeare’s Romeo+Juliet
Director: Ranjeet S. Marwa
Release Date: 2019/2020

Starring: Theodore Griffiths, Amy Anderson, Joe Egan & Bruce Payne.

This isnt your typical Romeo+Juliet story. This is a modern day adaptation. Set in 2019, director Ranjeet S. Marwa tells the story of youth culture, gang crime and feuding families who live in a tower block. The story keeps faithful to the original Shakespearean language, too. Amazon is set to distribute the movie on their online platform and the film is scheduled to have a limited theatrical run after its completion.

Double Trouble Bare Knuckle Style comes to Manchester in July

Double Trouble Bare Knuckle Style comes to Manchester in July as UBKB British Welterweight Champion, John Spencer takes on Light Welterweight Champ ‘Mad Joe’ as they meet on the edge of both weight categories in the all or nothing Bare Knuckle Fight where one man shall walk away the victor with not one but two title straps.

Tickets out now from both fighters, online at www.ubkb.uk or eventbrite