Roofied (3) The Lethal Dose – Free Full movie out now!

“A game of snakes and ladders as we conclude Lucy’s journey in the human traffic underworld. Will Lucy escape the chains of control? But then again, this story is no fairy tale”

Sammie Lie Films are back once again with the third in the ‘Roofied’ Movie trilogy, new for 2019 is ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’, following hot off the back of success with ‘Roofied’ (2017) and ‘Roofied A Double Dose’ (2018)

‘A Lethal Dose’ demonstrates a steep learning curve for the British Independent Film Maker Sammie Lie, which a big leap in quality in all area’s from its predecessors, and also see Stu Armstrong making his acting duet

With fast moving, edge of  your seat writing from Miss Lie, this will have you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and leave you exhausted, but wanting more as the movie also portrays a very important message.

Look out for the fourth, and possibly final (Who knows) in the ‘Roofied’ franchise, ‘Roofied – The Antidote’ hitting screens late summer 2019