Tragic love story as depicted in the famous Asian works of Art,’Sohni Mahiwal’ coming soon to the Silver Screen as critically acclaimed Director Ranjeet S Marwa

‘Sohni Mahiwal’ is a tragic love story which inverts the classical motif of Hero and Leander. The heroine Sohni, unhappily married to a man she despises, swims every night across the river using an earthenware pot to keep afloat in the water, to where her beloved Mehar herds buffaloes. One night her sister-in-law replaces the earthenware pot with a vessel of unbaked clay, which dissolves in water and she dies in the whirling waves of the river.


Many paintings of Sohni Mahiwal continue to be created by well-known artists such as Sobha Singh. Folk versions of these paintings, for example in the Kangra style, are commonly found across the whole Punjab region.

Director Ranjeet S. Marwa takes on this classic tale in a new feature film version he is developing.

After the success of his new documentary ‘The Boy Who Never Came Home’ in Los Angeles, USA, many people have speculated what his next project may be.

Ranjeet has been involved in a number of different projects in various stages of development, but has stated that since he was a child, the painting of Sohni Mahiwal has always fascinated him.

No cast has been confirmed yet but the producers behind the film are those who made the big budget Bollywood film ‘Toofan Singh’ starring Ranjit Bawa and the biopic of the last King of Punjab, Duleep Singh; ‘The Black Prince’ starring Punjabi sensation, ‘Satinder Sartaaj’. The team behind the project is amazing and the subject matter is of relevance today due to the high tensions between communities and religions in asian society.

Ranjeet is known for his controversial films, coming off of his organ trafficking documentary and his film about terrorist groups earlier this year.

A release date is yet to be confirmed but is thought to be on the horizon soon.