Breaking News – Tyneside women goes all out to top the record books for the most selfies!!

A local woman is about to put North Tyneside well and truly on the map as she is only days away from becoming the world record holder in selfie taking.

Natalie Hubbard, 21 from North Tyneside already holds a current Guinness World Record on the number of ‘Creep Shots’ taken in one night and fully intends to become a double record holder, but it is a very fine line between a ‘Creep Shot’ and a ‘Selfie’ so the Guinness Book of records will of course be sending Noris McWhirter and Roy Castle round not just to check for cheating but also for the obligate selfie with  Hubbard!

Look for youself of Natalies impressive collection of selfies, there is just no stopping her, and nobody but nobody is safe!