United Kingdom Muay Thai Awards Photographer of the Year 2018 announced as Martyn Jones

Photographer Martyn Jones of Origins Media was this morning named a the winner of the coveted, UK Mauy Thai awards photographer of the year 2018 beating of some very strong competition in the finals.

For more information on the United Kind Mauy Thai Awards please visit them by clicking here  and of course to find out more about Origins Media and Photographer o the Year Martyn Jones click here

Cage Amateurs Jon Pepperall interviews Stu Armstrong about his movie debut in ‘ROOFIED A LETHAL DOSE’

it of a change of direction for me here as today I am going to be talking about a film. Yes a film. As you may or may not know I rarely watch television let alone watch a film. This film is home grown and has a connection to the Combat Sport World as my old friend Stu Armstrong has a part in it. Two to be fair, but we will come back to that later.

Roofied – The lethal dose is the third in a trilogy of films by Sammie Lei. Stu Armstrong has been involved in the Combat Sport world for many years and is one of the hardest working among the collection of media types including myself.

His list of achievements in Combat Sport media is extensive plus over the years he has been writing about his time as a Door Supervisor, or Bouncer as us older people would say, in his series of books ‘Diaries of a Doorman’. Add to that radio and television, interviews with fighters, recording fight shows and I’m sure you should have a picture of how busy the man is.

Currently Stu is head of media at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing a promotion run by Shaun and Amanda Smith and has now turned his hand to a bit of acting. So this leaves me expecting some great answers and wanting to see the trilogy of films let alone Roofied – The Lethal Dose. I am sure I will have both by the end of this.

Right let’s do this at which point I say. “How are you buddy, let’s talk movies”

Jon P:Hi mate appreciate your time, ready, lets have it.

Stu A: Hi Jon and and thanks for taking the time out to do this, just want to mention that we have been friends now for great many years but we haven’t worked together until recently when Shaun and Amanda Smith asked me to come on board at UBKB and its great working with you mate!

Jon P: Let us get straight down to it, not too much detail so it does not spoil it for those who wish to see it, but what is the movie about?

Stu A: Well, this is the third movie of the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy, called Roofied (3) A Lethal Dose, this is the official synopsis and some may see it as gritty gangster movie full of ‘Birds, Booze, Drugs and Guns’ but there is a very serious message that we are trying to get across, something that is often not talked about and brushed under the carpet as it can be rather unpalatable for most people but we want to raise awareness about the trafficking of young women and sometimes young girls into the sex industry. And when I say trafficked I mean they are often drugged (Roofied) Forced into it with threats, violence and often rape. It’s a far bigger issues then the media and the establishment would have us believe.

This, in fact, all three movies of the Roofied series are sadly based on a true story and true experiences.

Personally speaking I want people to watch the movie and enjoy a really gritty crime movie, but it would be nice if they also came away with the knowledge that sadly this thing happens all over the world. It’s almost impossible to stop bad things when they are brushed under the carpet and hidden from view, so I think I can speak bit just for myself but all of the witters, cast and crew this is our attempt of drawing it out into the open, and if just one person becomes aware then we have succeeded, and who knows, maybe this could save that one person in the future.

Jon Says: For those people who do not know what a Roofie or to be Roofied is it is a drug called ‘Rohypnol’ or more commonly know as the date rape drug.

Jon P: No big surprise with this question but fill me in about your character and the part he plays in the films plot.

Stu A: Well, that should be Characters, rather than Character! One of the other actors didn’t turn up for a two-day shoot in Derbyshire (Absolute shit House letting everyone down) so I kind of said I can do that; I am not going to tell you how but I played to totally separate parts!

My main Character is called Richy, and Richy is a kind of right hand man for a seriously naughty gangster who is the top of three names Marcus. Massive cool role to play and I have learned so much from the actor who played Marcus, Luing Andrews. Luing has been everything for EastEnders to Movies and is now the face of Curry’s the electrical retail company as he stars in their latest advert.

Richy spends a lot time trying to, calm down and reign in Sharky (Aaron Twinn) and Micky (Stacy Fordham), well mainly Sharky who, how can I put this, turn into an an out and out crazy and dangerous motherfucker,

Jon P:  A slightly different style of doing things for you. With regards to what we normally do, interviews etc in combat sport, often they are a bit more on the fly so to speak. I am guessing but I would think this was a lot more structured than a lot of the work you normally do. By that I mean a script to follow and a set of instructions with people dependant on you delivering so they can do there bit. Time is money with these things. Did you feel under more pressure?

Stu A: That’s a great question Jon. Well at first I have to admit I stressed over the script and learning my lines badly and on the day travelling to Milton Keynes to be on set my mind went to a blank, I couldn’t remember anything and yeah I was, how should I but this………Absolutely shitting it and as soon as I heard “ACTION” guess what it all just flowed like my lines I had known all of my life.

This taught me a really good lesson, and that don’t stress on it it makes it worse. My main worry was in a dialogue scene you have to be ready to pick up on the last word of another actor and they are reliant on your delivering your lines well, and correct and if you don’t it has a knock on effect.

Talking about lines some of the most enjoyable scenes we didn’t actually have scripted! Witter and Director Sammei Lei would would take us through the scene and what she wanted to get from it and between us actors we would ad-lib it. That’s without knowing what the actor that you will take your lead from is going to say. These I think will be some of the best scenes as we are genuinely reacting to what the other actor says. I am still very new to acting and have so much to learn but I think being able sometimes work in the way shows a huge amount of trust from the director in the cast and also what an amazing team we have on roofied. I think with a different team of actors would this work? I am not so sure,

Jon P: Tell me about the people behind the film?

Stu A: Well this is a Sammie Lei production, Sammei has been behind all of the Roofied Movies, from writing to directing, editing and even playing the lead role of Lucy. Sammie has a pretty cool ability to react to problems on set quickly I have even seen seen her write script changes within literally minuets if there is a no show from an actor or actress in order that the whole shoot isn’t ruined. Sammie has become a friend of mine since we started on the production in early summer, she is a huge talent and will be up there with the the big names in stars in the future, her name on a star on Holly Boulevard I have no doubt,

Along with Sammie we Allen Manyon of 2025 films who is an old hand in the film making business and is a real talent, I have seen just on the shoots where I have been on how he can turn his hand to whatever needs to be done. I have seem him as a director, DOC, the sound engineer and even the driver at some points. Alan has wealth a talent in the film industry and again like Sammie is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Jon P: What is the release demographic (good word hey) for the film? By that I mean things such as fringe film festivals, cinema, satellite or dvd?

Stu A: Well all going to plan, and if I get my backside in gear in finish doing the credits then we are hoping to premiere at the Cinema in January 2019, which isn’t that far away now.

Jon P: Unfair question but film 3 in many big budget films is not always good. How does this film stand up compared to 1 and 2 or was it an important part of the story as compared to, for example, a bolt on to the previous offerings?

Roofied 3 Cast Meeting

Stu A: Well just in my own humble opinion I think that the Roofied Trilogy has been a huge learning curve for everyone involved and I think that this will be by far the best of the Roofied movies in all aspects, and I also think that the story line of a Lethal Dose is far more developed and mature and obviously the quality of the acting has come right up with me in it! HAHA. No that was a joke of course a very good mutual friend of both mine and yours Jon, was in the first films, Manny Hayre. But in all seriousness like anything in life things develop and from what I can see the whole Roofied team has developed over the last few years and many lessons learned and I think put all of that together and, well A Lethal Dose is going to smash it all the way out of the ballpark I feel as the whole package is together this time.

Jon P: So how did you become involved?

Stu A: Well as  have just mentioned above, a good mutual friend of ours Manny Hayre was in the previous movies playing the part of Jax, and just like you I love to see my friends doing well in life and I always supported Manny in anything that he does so I was doing a lot of sharing on social media of the previous movies and did a few write up’s on my website etc and then I got a message one day from Sammie and it went along the lines of “I can see that you’re a star of the future Stu, and wow your so handsome please be in the next movie”, Bah you know that’s a lie Jon don’t you, ( Jon says; I will resist temptation and say anything lol) no Sammie sent me a message over social media thanking me for help publicising the movies and we got chatting and became friends, and the rest they say is history.

I have done a previous movie believe it not about two years ago, but if I am honest I cant see it ever seeing the light of day for many factors, mainly because of a combination of lack of funding and the backstabbing that goes on the Bare Knuckle World, but that’s another story for over a beer one night. I have been promised that I can have a copy of the footage of my scenes with a promise to never put online but that was getting on for two years ago now and absolutely zip, nada, not  sausage and that’s from the director who is actually thought was a friend of mine to, but I think that maybe some other forces may well be involved, but  I guess you never know mate you just never know.

Jon P: Do you see yourself doing more of this kind of thing in the future?

Stu A: Oh bloody hell mate yes, I have fallen in love with acting its kind of like the first time that I saw Bare Knuckle Boxing absolute massive buzz and I am really fortunate to have two confirmed acting roles in two films that start shooting at the turn of year, the first is from Alan Malyon and it’s a film called‘Casa Del Ray’ I am not too sure just how much I am allowed to say about this at present, but it’s going to be a cracking production and really looking forward to acting in it.

Roofied 3


And next up thanks the actor that plays Marcus Mathews, my gangster boss in Roofed A lethal Dose, Luing Andrews (The man off the Curry’s Advert) I also have an acting role in what is going to be an absolute, ‘8ish’ which will also be filming early 2019 see  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3554874/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Jon P: Favourite character from the film and why?

Stu A: It’s got to be Sharky, played my bro Aaron Twinn. Aaron is a cracking actor and the character of Sharky is fantastic, he is absolutely nuts but he is kind of like so many people I have known in the past at the same time, people will know the character of Sharky from ‘Roofied (2) – A Double Dose’ but without giving to much away Sharky comes a lot more to the forefront in many ways and his behaviour becomes more and more erratic.

Roofied 3 On The Beach

Jon P: Just for a laugh before we finish and no googling the answer.

What is

1/ Gaffer – Tape

2/ Grip – What I will do when I get my hands around your throat for stitching me up ahaha J

3/ Best Boy – Obviously me mate, I am the best you you that J

Jon says: Not 100% correct but the answers were 1. Head Electrician 2. Basically they assist with support for electrical and camera departments, setting up lighting or tracks for camera movement. 3 Assistants to department heads in camera and electrical departments.

Stu A: But seriously without googling I haven’t got the first idea mate, apart from they are always on movie credits, ahh hang on actually ‘Best Boy’ he is a runner on a film set is he not? And does a Grip get paid to hold stuff? God knows but I do want to say a big thanks for this Jon and look forward to seeing soon and working with you on the greatest show on earth – UBKB!

Roofied 3 The Lethal Dose

Jon P: For anyone reading this who is thinking why is he asking that.  It’s because I can and gives me a chance to pull a friends leg now he is a movie star. That will teach him for not signing my book.

Stu A: Haha Nope mate no movie star, at least not yet but who knows, but if you hadn’t took this piss even just a little bit then it wouldn’t be us would it, we have been friends for a lot of years mate so you always have my permission to take the piss, but just a bit.

Jon P: Ok my friend this is the most important question of all. How can I and the thousands of people who hang on my every word ( That would be mum more than vast amounts of people ) see this film and why would I be kicking myself if I didn’t?

Stu A: Well as yet I don’t know the full arrangements, however, make sure to like and and share the official facebook page of the movie www.fb.me/roofied3 and of course my own page www.fb.me/TheStuArmstrong and my website www.stuarmstong.comwhere regulaur updates will be given. Oh and make sure to like and share the official page of UBKB – Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing at www.fb.me/ubkb1 its got nothing to do with the film but its class.

Jon P: As always I finish off by saying a big thank you to my guest and giving them the chance to say thank you to those they would wish to. They are also welcome to say ‘Go soaks ya head’ to anyone they wish but thank you tends to be better.

Stu A: Haha, big love, respect and friendship for you always brother

Jon says: So, there we have it thanks again to Stu and try and support the film by watching it because as is the case with many gems they are found not in the big budget films, bands or shows but more at a level where real people are going for it but without the benefit of unlimited funds.

Well I’m off to get roofied, so to speak, if you have enjoyed this I am as always Jon P and we are Cage Amateurs UK If you did not I am Andrew Juby currently on location making movies about boats.

Roofied 3 The Cast

Origins Media’s very own Martyn Jones nominated for the photographer of the year in the annual Muay Thai Award

Martyn Jones has long been a close friend of mine, a brother, a confidant and an all-round beardy buddy of mine, and for many years I have referred to him the best fight photographer in the UK, and that’s not something I take lightly. I also call him Breardy Bastard sometimes too

I first met Martyn a good few years ago now at boxing show in Tynemouth and I soon saw that what he did was so much more more than take photos of people punching each others faces in, Martyn likes to tell a story, not with words but in photographs. His natural talent for capturing not just the moment but the emotions behind the fighters he shoots.

I am massively proud to find out that Martyn has been nominated for photographer of the year by on the national Muay Thai awards, something that his massively deserves, I am not going to beat around the bush with this one its like this ok, please from 3rd December all head over to the facebook page of the awards at https://www.facebook.com/ukmuaythaiawards and under photographer of the year VOTE MARTYN JONES

I spend the rest of the year taking to the piss out old ‘Jonsey’ but for once I am being serious and trying support someone who I am proud to call a friend, so if you know Martyn, or if you like his work then please vote now! If you don’t him or even don’t like his work then as a favour t


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Derbyshire’s number one  vape emporium and stockiest of all things vape, EXCEPTIONAL VAPES it has been announced has been nominated for the Ecigclick Vape Store of the year award! Currently sat in second place and rising they need YOUR help to get the number one spot, so please vote now!

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Big Hearted Cage Fighter to help Family at Christmas – European MMA Champ in search of a deserving family this Christmas

Big Hearted Cage Fighter Darren ‘Powerhouse’ Towler is to dig deep this Christmas to help a local deserving family!

The UCMMA European Heavyweight Champion Darren Towler is looking for a deserving family who may be down on their luck or struggling this Christmas to provide the kind of Christmas that they would like for their Children after his offer on social media last week to give £1000 out of his own pocket.

Towler, nick named ‘Powerhouse’ when he steps into the Octogon has had title success a number of times in his MMA career including , Strike and Submit Heavyweight Title , Supremacy Heavyweight Title , Made for the Cage European Heavyweight Title , UCMMA /Cage Rage British Heavyweight Title and UWC European Title.

Darren commented on social media that he felt lucky and somewhat privileges to have everything that he needs this Christmas and realises that he is lucky not only to have his family around him but to be able to give them a good Christmas and he has given a lot of thought to many North East families that won’t be so lucky due to health issues, financial problems or family problems and he wants to do his bit for one family by donating one thousand pounds for their Christmas. MMA man Towler doesn’t want anything in return, just know that the chosen family will be able to enjoy a worry free festive period.

Many may well be surprised of this act of generosity from well know fighter, but not friend of Towlers and Combat Sports Media man Stu Armstrong, who said “This is not surprising one bit of Darren, yes he may well reign down carnage on his opponent in the cage but anyone that knows Darren the person,  rather than Darren the Fighter knows just how how kind and generous he is, and how much he does for North East charities. I think this is just typical of the big man with the big heart and he really will make someones Christmas Special”

If you know of a family that you think would benefit from this kind offer then please please click here to contact Darren and his team direct via his Facebook Fan page, or you can email myself, Stu Armstrong, at stu@stuarmstrong.com and I would be more than happy to pass the details to Darren in your behalf

Darren Towlers social media post of November 12th 2018


Darren Towler Interview  2017

Official Movie Trailer released for the third in the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy – ‘ROOFIED A LETHAL DOSE’ set to premier early 2019

The eagerly anticipated third movie in the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy, ‘A Lethal Dose’ called it a wrap and filming two weeks ago with an early 2019 premier looming  is shaping up to watch of epic proportions.

Shot entirely on location in Milton Keynes, Brighton & Hove and Derbyshire this has been a labour of love not for writer director Sammie Lei but for the entire cast a crew, with the official trailer being released today the excitement is already growing around the movie going population.

Filmmaker Sammie Lei was quoted as saying on the movie “We have all loved the making of a Lethal Dose and I hope that comes out in the final cut and that the movie going public can see our passion for the production and like the movie, that way we can continue the story as there is so much more to tell ”

Make sure to keep up to date with all of the latest on ‘Roofied A Lethal Dose’ by liking the official Facebook page at www.fb.me/roofied3



When someone spikes your drink with a drug without your knowledge. 
Effects include vomiting, loss of co-ordination and cognitive abilities, as well as coma induction.

Lucy got roofied the other night!



Stu Armstrong to join the cast of the eagerly anticipated movie ‘8ish’

It was confirmed today that Stu Armstrong will join the cast of ‘8ish’, the eagerly anticipated movie, directed by Luing Andrews, with Larry Lamb, Simona Roman, Tim Faraday, Jeff Stewart.

Full details of the role are yet to be released, but it has been stated by director and writer, Luing Andrews, that Armstrong will play a ‘Nice sized role’ in the movie which is set to start shooting in early 2019.

Sean O’Shea and his family connections with gang land London and the IRA. Sean likes to keep things simple. Living the life of a gangster has been every inch of what he’s about. As long as Sean stays 10 steps ahead of the IRA, he doesn’t have to worry about his dark past catching up with him either. Up till now – life has been slick. He’s right at the top of the business, has a tidy club as the front for his gang-crime and he answers to no-one…Well apart from his boss and uncle – Bill.

All in all, things have been ticking along nicely. Unfortunately for Sean, however, life has other plans. When he falls for a gorgeous lady ‘Ami’ who frequents his club, Sean’s life takes a turning point. Between his daily struggles with unruly drug-pushing cousin Dan; the increasing stresses from gang rivals ‘The Dolans’ (who forever challenge the O’Shea territory); and the unexpected secrets that surface from his past, Sean realizes he is out of sync with it all. Gang-life isn’t what its all cut up to be and he just wants out. Written by Luing Andrews

This is very much an adult crime drama but has some very clever light hearted moments. Directed by, Luing Andrews and Veronica Trickett. Written by, Luing Andrews. Sean O’shea played by, Luing Andrews.

Make sure to check out the official Facebook Fan page and give it a like and share at www.fb.me/8ishTheMovie  and for more information make sure to lookup the IMDb page of 8ish

Armstrong was quoted as saying of the news, “I am really looking forward to joining the cast of 8ish and must say a huge thank you Luing Andrews. The quality of the writing and the caribe of the cast alone will make this a must see movie 2019, and I am proud to be a part of it’

Mansfield’s Civic Quarter Boss, Paul Andrews’ makes his acting debut in the movie ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’

A well known Mansfield Man and boss of the the town’s ‘Civic Quarter’ entertainment venue, Paul Andrews’, was on the set of the Sammie Lei movie ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’ filming scenes for his acting debut.

‘The Lethal Dose’ is the third in the trilogy of ‘Roofied’ movies from Milton Keynes based Sammei Lei which is set to premier in January 2019.

Playing a role that many actors would certainly not find easy Paul managed to to pull off a great performance. Fellow actor and friend of Pauls, Stu Armstrong, who plays ‘Richy’ in The Lethal Dose said of Paul, “I was amazed at how quickly he got into character and delivered a fantastic preference worthy of a seasoned actor”

To find out more abut more about Pauls acting debut and to stay up to date with the movie ‘Roofied The Lethal Dose’ please check out, like and share the official Facebook fan page www.fb.me/roofied3 

Star of ‘Back Yard Fights’ and ‘Street Beefs’ Mighty Mouse left out in the cold on November 9th WBKFF show

Star of ‘Back Yard Fights’ and ‘Street Beefs’ Mighty Mouse, who made his name fighting Bare Knuckle in the USA and now has over 500k YouTube subscribers on the ‘Street Beefs’ Channel with just one of his fights alone getting over 14 Million views!

But along with friend and fellow fighter that goes under the name of ‘Sponge Bob; have been left out in the cold by WBKFF in the USA, he has told me today, after signing not one, but two contracts after his first opponent pulled out.

Mighty Mouse, with a large amount of fights under his belt, is following in the footsteps of the lates Kimbo Slice with a huge online following worldwide

Se below for one of his more tame fights as he takes on ‘Scarface’, this time with the gloves on. Look out very soon for an UK exclusive interview from Stu Armstrong Media with Mighty Mouse himself

The third movie in the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy, ‘Roofied A Lethal Dose’ is taking shape and looking to be the best yet!!

Filming is near completion for the third movie in Sammei Lei’s ‘Roofied’ Trilogy  and is expected to really up the game and be the best yet on early 2019 release.

With more twists and turns than a winding road this is a movie that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. With shooting near completion in both Newport Pagnal and Hove on the South Coast you really will be in for. treat with ‘Lethal Dose’ looking set to become a cult classic!

If you haven’t seen the first two movies in the Trilogy, ‘Roofied’ and ‘Roofied a Double Dose’ then never fear, see below for FREE links to view both Movies!

For the latest news, views and previews please check out the official fan page on Facebook for ‘Roofied A Lethal Dose’ by clicking here or pasting the URL below into your browser www/fb.me/roofied3



Twisted House DJ Supremo, Martyn Cavna has done it smashed it once again with Twisted House Volume 30! OUT NOW FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!

Twisted House DJ Supremo, Martyn Cavna has done it smashed it once again with Twisted House Volume 30! Make sure to check this out, and whats even better its been released for FREE Download!

Simply click below to access this amazing set with is Ambrosia to the Ears!!

To find out more about Martyn and Twisted House please like and share their facebook fan page with can be found at www.fb.me/twistedhousenew


All new ‘Logos and Promos’ page created due to popular demand

Due to popular demand Stu Armstrong Media has created a dedicated page and online shop for the very design quality Logo Design, Animated Video Logos, Promo Videos, Posters, Flyers and Business Cards.

Logos and Promo’s by Stu Armstrong Media is unique in the market pace by providing professional high end designs at a fraction of the cost, with work starting from as little as £30, and with most products on a 24 hour turnaround

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Please see below for just a few pieces of work that have been completed for happy clients over the last week. Don’t wait contact s now!! logo@stuarmstrong.com 


Neil Davey dons to the Boxing Gloves in support of Myla Mae Carte

Doncaster’s Neil Davey is donning the boxing gloves and stepping into the square circle and the world of pugilism in support of Myla Mae Carte.

Davey is coming to bring war as he takes on Wood on October 5th in Doncaster with Tickets priced at only £20 or £10 depending on availability.

Click here now to order your ticket


Myla Mae Carte before she got ill was a typical 5 year old girl, bouncing with energy and fighting with her siblings.

Two years ago Myla was in pain, numerous trips to A&E and to their local Dr surgery came back continuously with diagnosis of either a virus or water infection each time.

This year her parents demanded that their daughter had a scan to establish if there was something more underlying.

This is when the parent’s nightmare began. Myla was diagnosed with Wilms tumour. Initially the tumour started in Myla’s kidney, however it has spread further spreading to her lymph glands, lungs and pelvis. The tumour is now at stage 4.

Myla is unable to keep food down and is having to be fed through a feeding tube.

At the moment Myla is undergoing chemotherapy and has had her 2nd session, her 3rd one being on Wednesday 4th July 2018. Today Tuesday 3rd July Myla’s hair has begun to fall out, to a little girl this is heart-breaking especially when they have lovely long brown hair.

The family face a tough few months ahead with an operation on 2nd August 2018 to remove the tumour from her Kidney, ovaries and also pelvis if possible and then 6 months of chemotherapy and then radiotherapy.

In order for something for the family to look forward to this page has been set up. The monies raised will go towards a much needed family holiday travelling around Europe and attending Theme parks. We are wanting to raise as much money as possible for this to be achieved. Each donation will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to fundraise and donate to help this be achieved.

Please click here to find out more


Charlie Salvador aka Bronson releases new limited edition book ‘FRANKLAND’ with proceeds to the Homeless

‘FRANKLAND’ the latest book by Charlie Salvador aka Bronson is now available as a strictly limited edition with only 100 copies being printed, 44 of the 100 will be sticker signed by Charlie priced at £22.00 and the remaining 56 unsigned priced at £17.00

Homelessness is a big problem in the UK with numbers of Homeless up by 169% since 2010, with numbers now topping 200,00. With this in mind Charlie has penned his latest book, which has been edited by Rod & Linda Harrison and Micheal xxxx and all proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army to help the homeless.

Copies are available now to order direct from Charlies Facebook page by    clicking here


Not for profit Boxing Club seek to expand sponsorship opportunities to local business

Marden Amateur Boxing Club based in North Tyneside and are a not for profit community club working hard to provide a facility for people of all ages improving both health and well-being along with an opportunity to compete.

We are looking to bring a second sponsor on board to help us this season as we have many costs with an expanding team of 20 competing boxers which means more kit, more travel, more championships and more equipment costs.

In return you receive:

• Regular mentions across all social media sites.
• Free tickets to our 2 shows a year including poster and programme advertisements.
• Logo added to training and competing kit.
• Press mentions.

We are lucky enough to have Radar Taxis as a big part of our team and expanding this with another business that fits our vision and drive would be fantastic.

If anyone is interested in joining the Marden family please contact Dean Preston on 07891434247

The Boxer Who Took A Life in the Ring

Ray Mancini was a champion, cultural icon, and a beacon of hope for his downtrodden town, but he struggled to escape the ghosts of his past.

Thirty-six years ago, South Korean boxer Kim Duk-Koo entered a Las Vegas ring for a world championship bout that would end with his death, trigger at least one suicide and change the sport forever.

For a generation of South Koreans, millions of whom watched live on television, the fight between Kim and world lightweight champion, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, remains a powerful memory.its tragic aftermath and the impact it had on the lives and families of its two protagonists.

For Kim, then 23 and fighting for the first time in the United States, the glitz of Caesar’s Palace with its celebrity audience including the likes of Frank Sinatra, was a different universe from his impoverished upbringing in Korea.

“I remember when we landed in Las Vegas for the fight,” his trainer, Kim Yoon-Gu,, recalled.“The city was all lit up at night. It was like landing on a garden of flowers in the desert. We’d never seen anything like it,” he told Agence France-Presse at the boxing gym he runs in Seoul.

Ray Mancini was the lightweight champion of the world, but he was also a man haunted by ghosts, ghosts that lingered and informed his life even before he stepped into the ring. First was the ghost of his father’s own boxing career. His father, Lenny “Boom Boom” Mancini, was the number one contender for the lightweight crown before he was inducted into the Army. Yet in 1944, Lenny was wounded in action as a shell broke his shoulder and tore up his arm and left leg. He spent the next eight months in hospitals in England, Scotland, and France. Upon returning to America in 1945, he tried to resume his fighting career, and while he was able to win nine of his first eleven fights after being discharged, his weight had ballooned and he was no longer the same.

His second son, Ray, decided to fight himself and win the title his father never had the chance to due to his injuries. But another ghost soon developed after his older brother was shot and killed in February 1981.

Just over a year later, on May 8, 1982, Mancini fulfilled his dream and became lightweight champion of the world by defeating Arturo Frias, with the referee stopping the fight in the first round. He had won the title his father never had. Mancini became a national sensation. Frank Sinatra wanted to meet him, Sylvester Stallone wanted to make a TV movie about his life, and he appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

However, Mancini is less known for his triumphs in the ring than for the tragedy that befell his opponent, Duk Koo Kim, during their 1982 fight. After fourteen rounds of furious fighting, which Mancini won by TKO, Kim suffered a subdural hematoma, falling into a coma he would never come out of. Four days later, Kim was dead. The tragedy did not end there as Kim’s mother committed suicide just months after the fight, as did the bout’s referee.

The fight itself was was a particularly brutal one. For 13 rounds, the two men went toe-to-toe in a slugging match that left both with badly swollen faces and struggling to see through bruised, puffed-up eyes. At the end of the 13th, Kim Yoon-Gu tried to lift his fighter, telling him Mancini was exhausted and exhorting him to put in one last effort to finish him off. “He clenched his teeth, nodded and said ‘Yes, I’ll do that’. And that was it. That was the last thing he ever said,” Kim said.

At the beginning of the 14th, Mancini connected with a straight right that snapped Kim’s head back and sent him crashing to the canvas. The Korean managed to haul himself up by the ropes to beat the count, but referee Richard Green stepped in to stop the fight. Kim Yoon-Gu had been tending to his corner and missed the actual knockout blow, but when he saw Kim on the ground, he knew at once that the fight was over.

“He was obviously hurt, but at that time we had no idea it was so serious,” he said. Back in his corner, Kim collapsed and was taken from the ring on a stretcher to hospital where he was diagnosed with a blood clot on the brain and underwent emergency surgery. He lapsed into a coma from which he never recovered and four days later he died.

On the flight back to South Korea, a traumatised Kim Yoon-Gu locked himself in the toilet and “cried and cried until we landed.The consequences of the Kim-Mancini bout were far-reaching and tragic in their own right. Four months after her son’s death, Kim’s distraught mother killed herself by drinking a bottle of pesticide.

Four months after that, referee Richard Green also took his own life, although there was no indication that his suicide was linked to the outcome of the fight for which he was never held in any way responsible. Mancini, a devout Catholic, endured a prolonged period of depression and, although he fought again, was never the same boxer.

“I thought about quitting the sport entirely. In the end, I decided to stick with it, but it was a very, very difficult time,” Mancini said at his gym where photos and posters of Kim Duk-Koo adorn the walls.

Mancini’s career and reputation both took a massive hit after Kim’s death. No longer was he the hard working man who managed to make the most of his fighting talents. Instead, he was tainted by Kim’s death in the eyes of the public, who saw him no longer as champion of the world, but as the man who killed Duk Koo Kim. He fought four more successful title defenses, but there was a hesitancy in his fighting that had not been there before, a lack of surety that caught up with him on June 1, 1984 when he lost his title to Livingstone Bramble.

Decades later, on June 23, 2011, Mancini had guests at his Los Angeles home for dinner. He sat on his stoop and welcomed Young Mee and Jiwan — Duk Koo Kim’s fiancee and son. Together, with Ed O’Neill of Married With Children fame, and Mancini’s children, they had dinner together. Ray thanks them for coming to America and a ghost that had haunted him for so long is finally put to rest in the midst of she who loved him most and the son who never had the chance to meet him.

The Kim-Mancini bout proved to be a watershed in boxing, triggering a series of major changes to the sport. Championship bouts were reduced from 15 to 12 rounds, the standing eight-count was introduced and the medical tests required of boxers before a fight were overhauled.


North Shields Tattoo Studio offer £10 Tattoo’s all day this coming Saturday with all money raised on the day donated to help a young boy with a Brian Tumour and a serious Neurological Condition

North Shields Tattoo Studio offer £10 Tattoo’s all day this coming Saturday with all money raised on the day donated to help a young boy with a Brian Tumour and a serious Neurological Condition

Axe and Anchor Tattoo Studio in North Shields is offering Tattoo’s for £10 all day on Saturday 25thAugust, to raise funds for a young boy named Owen who tragically has a Brain Tumour and a serious Neurological condition and is in dire need of Physiotherapy and Sensory Equipment.

In addition to the funds raised from the £10 inking sessions at Axe and Anchor they are also running a raffle with an array of fantastic prizes donated by local business’s

Tattoo Artist and owner of Axe and Anchor Tattoo Studio, Dan Ridgewell was quoted as saying We are looking forward to Saturday and we’re seeing a good response to this so far. We are really hoping to be inundated with customers looking to get their £10 tattoos” he went to point out that the whole reason for the £10 tattoo date is to raise much needed charitable funds “Please remember that we are doing this for charity. For a little boy that needs sensory and physio equipment. So be mindful that we need to get as many people tattooed and make as much money for little Owen as possible. Asking for stuff that’s going to take longer is a little bit selfish guys. Read the offer please, that’s what we’re offering any more than that will cost more because we only have 8 hours to tattoo everyone that turns up to donate” 

Tattoo Artist and Proprietor of Axe and Anchor, Dan Ridgewell

If you can’t make it to Axe and Anchor on Saturday then don’t worry you can still join in and help be making a donation on the crowd funding page that has been setup for own, which can be found by clicking hereor pasting the URL below into your browser.

Axe and Anchor can be found at, 18 Prudhoe Street, North Shields, Tyne and Wear,NE29 6RA with the doors opening on what is expected to be an exhausting but successful day at 10am


Prizes so far include:
A £100 tattoo voucher, a £50 tattoo voucher.
A lovely meat hamper delivered to your door! From Micky Mags at Rothbury family butchers. A £300 voucher from Chris Ratcliffe for plastering,or building work, a months membership at Marden amateur boxing club and two 1 to 1 boxing lessons with Dean Preston Two 1 to 1 boxing lessons with Sean Fineran
Diaries of a doorman volumes 1 and 2 from Stu Armstrong
Tickets are £1 a strip, with Every penny we make is going to little Owen

The £10 Tattoo offer constitutes: Up to three 2cm high word’s in a row in the popular Cantaneo font

Stu Armstrong to play role in the final instalment of the ‘Roofied’ Trilogy of Movies Sammei Lei is back with ‘Roofied – A Lethal Dose’

The third movie in the Trilogy of ‘Roofied’ movies, will begin filming in September as director Sammi Lei is  back with ‘Roofied – A Lethal Dose”, following hot on the heels heels of ‘Roofied’ (2017) and ‘Roofied – A Double Dose’ (2018)

The  thriller series of Movies saw  ‘Roofied’ premier back in 2017,  which was based on true events and follow up Roofied a Double Dose continued as Lucy tries to escape her demons and flee to Spain, ‘A Lethal Dose’ will have Movie Goers on the edge f their seats with the third and final installment.


With many of the amazing cast of the first two movies, this once again is set to be a sure fire hit, with Stu Armstrong joining the cast in his second movie role to date. Stu was quoted as saying “I absolutely loved Roofied, and when the second movie was being made, ‘A Doube Dose’ I was full of anticipation and it certainly lived up that, but being offered a role in the third and final movie in the Trilogy is absently amazing, this will be a small but very exciting role for me and I was blown away when I was asked by director Sammi Lei. It feels to great to be a part of something as special as one of the ‘Roofied’ moves, so a huge thanks to Sammi”

Click here to visit Roofied a Double Dose on IMDB

Sammi Lei – The brains an beauty behind ‘Roofied’ and ‘Roofied a Double Dose
Action packed throughout










Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxer attracts huge media attention worldwide!

Little over a week ago something very special happened in Manchester, as 2000 who were in attendance will tell you as the converged on Bowlers Exhibition Centre for a huge evening of professional Bare Knuckle Boxing form Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing aka UBKB ran by ‘The Debt Collector’ Shaun Smith and wife Amanda.

As seen on the trending Netflix series Bare Knuckle Fight Club, C4, Channel 5 and Spike TV, UBKB goes from strength to strength with some of the very best Bare Knuckle Fights ever fought.

The press were only to pleased to pick up the story and over the last week UBKB have featured in The Daily Mirror, The Sun, Metro, The New York Post, World News and many many more, as well as North East Bare Knuckle Fighter Luke Nevin, and Executive Media Manager, Stu Armstrong being invited into the BBC to talk about Bare Knuckle Boxing

Check out some of the links below for the amazing press and media attention over the last week.







Tragic love story as depicted in the famous Asian works of Art,’Sohni Mahiwal’ coming soon to the Silver Screen as critically acclaimed Director Ranjeet S Marwa

‘Sohni Mahiwal’ is a tragic love story which inverts the classical motif of Hero and Leander. The heroine Sohni, unhappily married to a man she despises, swims every night across the river using an earthenware pot to keep afloat in the water, to where her beloved Mehar herds buffaloes. One night her sister-in-law replaces the earthenware pot with a vessel of unbaked clay, which dissolves in water and she dies in the whirling waves of the river.


Many paintings of Sohni Mahiwal continue to be created by well-known artists such as Sobha Singh. Folk versions of these paintings, for example in the Kangra style, are commonly found across the whole Punjab region.

Director Ranjeet S. Marwa takes on this classic tale in a new feature film version he is developing.

After the success of his new documentary ‘The Boy Who Never Came Home’ in Los Angeles, USA, many people have speculated what his next project may be.

Ranjeet has been involved in a number of different projects in various stages of development, but has stated that since he was a child, the painting of Sohni Mahiwal has always fascinated him.

No cast has been confirmed yet but the producers behind the film are those who made the big budget Bollywood film ‘Toofan Singh’ starring Ranjit Bawa and the biopic of the last King of Punjab, Duleep Singh; ‘The Black Prince’ starring Punjabi sensation, ‘Satinder Sartaaj’. The team behind the project is amazing and the subject matter is of relevance today due to the high tensions between communities and religions in asian society.

Ranjeet is known for his controversial films, coming off of his organ trafficking documentary and his film about terrorist groups earlier this year.

A release date is yet to be confirmed but is thought to be on the horizon soon.

Father and Son Coventry British Sikh actors. to hit the big screen in LA!

Coventry based Father and Son actors actors make it the silver screen across the pond on LA, with the release of THE BOY WHO NEVER CAME HOME which is based on a true story.  Manny Hayre and his super talented son will star in a new documentary which details the harrowing true story of a British Indian mother’s journey to finding a remedy to her 5-year-old son’s sudden illness. The journey exposes her to the dark world of India’s illegal organ trafficking underbelly.

 After doctors gave their final word that her 5-year-old son wouldn’t live, they proceeded murdered him and harvested his organs to trade in the black market. The documentary chronicles the life of the mother who for over forty years, has seen no justice and still bears the emotional scars to even bring herself to talk about what happened during that fateful vacation to India.

The film is a true depiction of the story; gritty, real and traumatic and raised poignant questions about the state of organ trafficking in India.

The documentary has been written and directed by Birmingham, UK’s talented and visionary film maker Ranjeet S. Marwa, the director behind 70
films ranging from short films to Bollywood productions. He said, “The Boy Who Never Came Home is a wakeup call, we need real action and real justice for the thousands of lives cut short by the illegal organ trade. This is a story that needed to be told, it took 40 years to hear it but I know it will resonate with parents around the world”.

The executive production team features a tour-de-force of cinema royalty. Executive Producer Bruce Payne has over 100 acting and producing credits and has been described as the “Brit Pack” of rising young British actors and producers who have taken Hollywood by storm.

Payne said, “Ranjeet has told an unbelievable story, a heartbreaking, true story which I think many people will leave teary-eyed “

Producer Ramtirth Singh Uppal is the producer behind films such as the 2018 box-office hit The Black Prince and Panjabi biopic, Toofan Singh.

Uppal said, “Ranjeet is a modern day Kubrick, a true and undeniable talent within the film industry”

The film launches in Los Angeles, USA on July 27th 2018 as part of its independent showing. It will be available to view at the Downtown Independent Theatre, 251 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA.

Details about the production team:

Directed by Ranjeet S. Marwa (IMDB)Executive Producer: Bruce Payne (IMBD)Producer: Ramtirth Singh Uppal (IMDB)

Tickets available at the Downtown Independent Cinema
Social Media: www.twitter.com/artistsonfilm

Coventry Father & Son make it big in new movie with LA Premier!

Manny hayre stars in this new real life documentary called the boy who never came home alongside his son arun singh hayre with another young sikh boy and the talented Lucky rai

This is based on a true story written and directed by
Birmingham’s talented Ranjeet S Marwa with co producer the one and only John Payne. This is fully confirmed to have its first screening in LA
new documentary is featured on the cinemas website over at all details are on the website showing on 27th July 2019

Ranjeet S Marwa is making dreams come true for himself and upcoming actors

Please all share and keep supporting also anyone looking to sponsor Ranjeet with his new documentary please contact Ranjeet direct you can have your name or company name in the states and in the oscars


Netflix smash hit series ‘Bare Knuckle Fight Club’ comes to Manchester LIVE with UBKB! This is your chance to see real Bare Knuckle Boxing live!

August 4thwill see fight fans from all over the UK and beyond converge on Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester for the biggest Bare Knuckle Boxing event ever staged with a packed fight card featuring many of the stars of ‘Bare Knuckle Fight Club’ and of course boss and referee, ‘The Debt Collector’ Shaun Smith.

If you loved it on TV then this is real treat not to be missed, an it’s your chance to go to ‘The Real Bare Knuckle Fight club’ at the show of professional Bare Knuckle Boxing from UBKB!

Tickets are available now price at £35 seated, £50 VIP and if you want to get up close to the action we have a limited number of ringside tickets priced at only £70!

Don’t delay or you may miss out order now by clicking the link to contact Amanda Smith, Anna Foremanor Stu Armstrong.

This is your chance to step into the REAL ‘Bare Knuckle Fight Club, as featured on Netflix

‘The Dairies of a Doorman – A Collection of True Short Stories’ by Stu Armstrong reduced to only £5.99 for a limited period in Paperback & Kindle formats from Amazon

A collection of true short stories based on the years that I have worked on the doors in the UK and abroad. This book is a real insight into the funny, tragic and completely bizarre people and experiences encountered by a Doorman.

Click here to order direct from Amazon

Continue reading “‘The Dairies of a Doorman – A Collection of True Short Stories’ by Stu Armstrong reduced to only £5.99 for a limited period in Paperback & Kindle formats from Amazon”

Interview with Luke Nevin as he he talks Bare Knuckle Boxing, UBKB and his debut on August 4th against Jay Eggleston

Luke Nevin talks with Stu Armstrong about his up and coming Bare Knuckle Boxing Debut against Jay Eggleston of August 4th for UBKB, why he wanted to get into BJB and why with UBKB as well as commenting just how good the safety and medical standards are at UBKB. He also talks D-Day and his up and coming title defence against taking on Robert Barry.

Geordie Chasers – North East based Paedophile Hunters launch new website and child online safety resources – www.geordiechasers.co.uk

Geordie Chasers are a North East based online child protection team, their main goal is to deter groomers from talking to our children online by having a presence monitoring sites known to us to have children being approached by adults most of the time looking for sex and sexual activity.

By talking to Geordie Chasers decoys that’s potentially real children not been targeted by these online sexual predators, once we have all the evidence we approach the predator and film it for evidence then hand them over to the police for them to do their investigations.

The launch of the new website www.geordiechasers.co.uk marks a milestone I this small, and totally voluntary group. The website has been carefully planned over a period of time to not just share videos of these vile Nonce’s, but to also help parents to keep their child safe with some excellent content this really is a hub of information that all parents should take time to read.

We all know the word Paedophile, but I am quite show that a great many people don’t actually know much about them, what to look for and crucially how to identify a Paedophile which very sadly these days seem to come in an array of different guise.

They have put together a fantastic article on‘How to Identify a Paedophile’ and I know that I as a parent myself found some if actually shocking but very revealing and the way the world is today I would implore all parents to make sure that they read this article, this could be one piece of reading that may well stop your child becoming a victim of these vile creatures. Click here to read now, of copy the hyperlink below into your browser


So, just who are these unsung heroes, ‘The Geordie Chasers’,and why do they keep their identity’s hidden, and not for any sinister reasons, but to protect their own safety of possible reprisals from those that they have exposed and helped to convict. Nor they walk about in capes with underwear over their clothes, superhero style. These are a group of normal everyday hard working men and women who give their time, and a lot of it to trying to keep our children safe.

And, I know this first hand. Geordie Chasers contacted me some weeks ago due to my background as a former Doorman and asked if I could help them on a sting as security. They didn’t just say ‘Come on then Stu lets go” we talked a lot about it over a couple weeks to make sure that I understood what they wanted me to do, and that was to keep them safe, and to keep the mark safe. When they first said to keep the potential Nonce safe I thought to myself ‘Why in the world would I want to protect or keep safe a beast’, and the more we talked this is actually essential to get a conviction. If for example a passer-by to sting see’s what’s going on and they attack the Nonce then there is a very good chance that they cannot be convicted.

Now I am not debating the rights and wrongs of this and I would never want to keep a Paedophile Safe, but I want what we all want, and that to have them taken off the streets and locked up.

Equally it’s to keep team safe as well and if required to take down and physically restrain the Paedophile making sure not to cross a line and stay within the realms of what is deemed reasonable force.

I wasn’t sure what I expected as I met the team in a non-descript fast food outlet, in a no district little town in the North East, but what I encountered that night were two run of the mill, just normal people, but doing an extra ordinary thing to keep children safe.

The amount of time and work that goes into a sting is phenomenal, they don’t just rock up for ten minutes to meet a paedophile, film him get him arrestted and job done, far from it. From hours on end acting as a decoy which must be vile sickening work, to preparing evidence and then often sitting into the early hours at a police station after the arrest.

What struck me a lot the night I went on a sting was they had with them ready typed completed statements in the correct and official format ready to hand to law enforcement, and a CD with all of the evidence ready to hand over to the police.

It was a successful sting that I joined the team to assist them with, and the thing that will stay with me forever is what the Paedophile said as he was handcuffed and being led into a police car “Well it’s her fault, it’s an 18-year-old and over website, so she shouldn’t have been on it in the first place” as if to justify he sick and depraved actions!

I would ask that everyone, no matter if they are parents or not please check out the website, you never know the knowledge that you gain by reading some of the excellent resources held here maybe, one day could save a child from the most disgusting and vile of crimes. Once you have checked out the site then please could you ALL share the website on all of your social media pages so not only can this fantastic resource be shared, but it also raises awareness of just what a dangerous world we bring our children up in these days.

A big thanks to the Geordie Chasers for allowing me to help on a real sting, it’s certainly increased my awareness and knowledge of this sickening and vile subject, and of course I am sure to be helping them them out again at some point in the future.

Your support is much needed by Geordie Chases, so please check the website www.geordiechasers.co.uk and list them on Social Media.

Lets keep our children safe!!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/geordiechaser

Twitter: @geordiechaser

Instagram: @geordiechaser

Copyright Stu Armstrong Media 2018©



Matchroom Newcaste all set to be a sensational night for North East Boxing – Josh Kelly, Lewis Ritson, Anthony Nelson. Stu Hall to name but a few!

4 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest @ 11st 2lbz
(Spennymoor)            (Stourbridge)

4 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest @ 10st 2lbs
(Bedlington)                (Chichester)

4 x 3 mins Cruiserweight contest @ 13st
(Newcastle)                          (Lithuania)

6 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight contest @ 12st 2lbs
JAKE HAIGH          v        ADAM JONES
(Macclesfield)                (Denaby)

6 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest @ 10st 2lbs
(Coatbridge)            (Croatia)

10 x 3 mins English Cruiserweight Championship @ 14st 4lbs
ARFAN IQBAL   14st 3lb 2oz v SIMON VALLILY 14st 3lbs
(Derby)                                        (Middlesbrough)

10 x 3 mins WBA Continental Super-Flyweight Championship @ 8st 3lbs
CHARLIE EDWARDS 8st 2lbs 8oz v ANTHONY NELSON 8st 3lbs
(Croydon)                                                (South Shields)

12 x 3 mins WBC International Super-Bantamweight Championship @ 8st 10lbs
GAVIN McDONNELL 8st 9lbs 8oz v STUART HALL 8st 9lbs 8oz
(Doncaster)                                   (Darlington)

12 x 3 mins British Lightweight Championship @ 9st 9lbs
LEWIS RITSON 9st 9lbs* v PAUL HYLAND Jr 9st 9lbs
(Newcastle)                            (Belfast)
*Ritson weighed 9st 9lbs 2oz first, returned to the scales to make the championship limit

12 x 3 mins Commonwealth Welterweight Championship @ 10st 7lbs
KRIS GEORGE  10st 6lbs 8oz v JOSH KELLY 10st 6lbs 2oz
(Queensland)                                    (Sunderland)

6 x 3 mins Welterweight contest @ 10st 10lbs
GLENN FOOT          v     SAM OMIDI
(Sunderland)                 (Manchester)

Coventry based actor Manny Hayre launches his latest acting showreel produced by ‘Stu Armstrong Media’

Coventry based actor, Manny Hayre celebrates his acting career going from strength on both the silver screen of the Movie world, and the ever popular world of TV as well as staring in Netflix series that is currently trending across the pond in the USA, with the launch of his latest acting showreel produced by Stu Armstrong Media www.stuarmstrong,com

With much more to come the future looks bright Manny as he had landed the starring role in a major new ‘Bollywood’ movie as well as an exciting TV roll.

Next stop Hollywood for the Coventry based star in the making


‘Roofied a Double Dose’ coming soon! The sequel of Sammie Lei’s critically acclaimed ‘Roofied’ official trailer released today!

Sequel to the 2017 thriller Roofied which was based on true events Roofied a Double Dose continues as Lucy tries to escape her demons and flee to Spain With Jax and his firm closely on her tail. Lucy is playing with fire …… Gangs, violence. sex Trafficking and drugs a story of survival based on true events who will win this game of hide and seek?

Click here to visit Roofied a Double Dose on IMDB

Sammi Lei – The brains an beauty behind ‘Roofied’ and ‘Roofied a Double Dose
Action packed throughout










Tuesday April 24 – 12.30pm for 1pm – Civic Centre, Barras Bridge, Newcastle, NE1 8QH
Eddie Hearn invites all media to the launch press conference for a huge night of boxing in Newcastle topped by title fights for Newcastle’s British Lightweight champion Lewis Ritson and Sunderland’s Team GB Rio Olympian and WBA International Welterweight champion Josh Kelly.
Hearn will announce the opponents for the unbeaten duo on the day and reveal a star-studded supporting cast of title fights, with hometown talents and challengers all present, and all available for one-on-one interviews.

You’ve seen it on Netflix, now see it in real life! Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing August 4th Manchester!!

You have seen it on ‘Bare Knuckle Fight Club’ on Netflix, now come and watch live as Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing present an evening of professional Bare Knuckle Boxing from Manchesters huge Bowlers Exhibition Centre!

This without doubt be the most exciting show you have ever see and you will be guaranteed a warm welcome from team #ubkb

Tickets start at just £35!!

Book yours now by clicking here to contact Amanda Smith


Stu Armstrong joins ‘UK’s Scariest Debt Collector’ Shaun Smiths Bare Knuckle Boxing UBKB

Stu Armstrong has joined the team at Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing aka UBKB, which is taking the UK by storm with its sell out legal Bare Knuckle Boxing shows and its critically acclaimed three part documentary ‘Bare Knuckle Fight Club’ on Netflix.

Ran by old friends of Armstrong’s ‘UK’s Scariest Debt Collector’ from ‘The Vice’ fame, Shaun Smith and his Wife Amanda, he will join the team as Executive Media Manager. Stu was quoted as saying “Whats not to like? Working with two friends in the premier promotion of Bare Knuckle Boxing worldwide, it doesn’t get better than that”


Bare Knuckle Fight Club from ‘Ultimate Bare Knuckle Boxing’ #UBKB Smash Hit on Netflix

UBKB – Bare Knuckle Fight Club – Three Part Documentary now available on Netflix


Bare Knuckle Fight Club – A close up behind the scenes look at Bare Knuckle Boxing from UBKB


Follow ‘UK Scariest Debt Collector ‘Shaun Smith and wife Amanda as they take Bare Knuckle to the to masses with UBKB in this three part gritty documentary available now on Netflix

“Griping”  – The Telegraph

“Engrossing” – The Guardian

“Five Stars” – The Radio Times

“Five Stars” – The Mail on Sunday




The Safety of BKB in a modern age


The purpose of this paper is to highlight the safety aspects within the sport of Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB), compassions can be drawn between BKB and any other combat sport, for the purposes of this paper the comparison is made against Gloved boxing which a direct descendant of BKB.

The Author

Stu Armstrong is a writer and a fan of both Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB) and gloved boxing, I am not by any means an expert in either discipline and am certainly not a medical expert nor do I claim to be.

What is set out in this paper are my observations based of facts established throughout my research. My sources of information will be listed in the bibliography at the end of these paper.

Why write this paper?

Over the last few years Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB) has emerged from the shadows and is becoming one of the fasted growing sports in the UK, but still many people seem to see some kind of stigma about BKB and very often I hear people objecting and belittling the sport on the grounds of satey.

I travel the length and breadth of the country to follow the sport of BKB, much of which is now carried out in rings by two fighters that have very often trained in the same manor or harder than a top flight professional boxer and I am more than happy to be quoted and to go on record as saying the medical care and attention is second to none, equalling and often bettering that of a professional boxing show. Long gone are the days of having a first aider, or a spotty teenager from St Johns ambulance sitting at the side of the ring, BKB uses qualified paramedics, qualified doctors and very often will have a private ambulance on standby just in case.

So what about the actual safety of the sport of BKB, this is something that is very often undermined from those that now nothing about it and often from those in the world of professional boxing but if you look at any academic or medical study that has ever been published a lot of people will be very shocked to find out that Bare Knuckle Boxing is actually safer, yes safer than gloved boxing.

The Safety of BKB in a modern age

Men doubtless belabouring each other with their fists back in East Africa when homo more or less sapiens emerged as a force to be reckoned with. The first evidence of boxing as a sport dates from around 1500BC in Crete. The Greeks introduced it into the Olympic Games in the 7th century BC, later combining it with wrestling, and it became an established part of military training in ancient Greece. Initially, soft leather thongs were used to protect the knuckles. Hardened leather later transformed this protection into an offensive weapon – albeit not as offensive as the metal-studded version with which wealthy Greeks and Romans obliged their specially trained slaves to fight, often to the death.  Bare-knuckle fights were the norm in Britain from the first recorded fight in 1681, between a servant of the Duke of Albemarle and a butcher. There were initially no rules even hitting an opponent when he was down was permitted. That changed in the mid-18th century, when Jack Broughton, the reigning champion, drew up some basic regulations. The regulations were first revised in 1839, but then dramatically changed in 1867 with the Queensberry rules. Boxing, both professional and amateur, is nowadays tightly controlled but can still be a dangerous sport, in particular in regard to brain injuries.

Pugilistic Dementia

We have all met an old boxer who’s speech is slurred and has memory problems and I suppose its easy to scoff and call him ‘Punch Drunk’ but this is a very serious and permanent condition which is called Pugilistic Dementia and put simplistically this is caused by blows to the head resulting in the brain rattling and moving inside the skull. Some may scoff but this is a very serious neurological condition, and oddly enough is often also seen in alcoholics, caused by repeated cerebral concussions and characterised by weakness in the lower limbs, unsteadiness, slowness of muscular movements, hand tremors, hesitancy of speech, loss of memory and mental dullness, this effects around 20% of professional boxers and can be the causes of debilitating Parkinson’s disease, as can be seen with perhaps the greatest boxer of all time Muhamad Ali.











So the questions is? ‘What can we do to make the sport of boxing safer?’ – The answer? ‘Get rid of the gloves’


The Marquis of Queensbury Rules’ (1867)

Boxing as most people know it is governed using something called ‘The Marquis of Queensbury Rules’ and these set of rules from a more than a century ago categorically state that a boxer must wear gloves. Now what is the reason for this?

Yes, on first hearing this due to the fact that a boxing glove is basically a glorified pad that covers a fist I can forgive you for thinking ‘of course, it’s for safety’ but I can tell you that you are wrong, as crazy as it may seem. Let me explain to you why, and present the facts which will I guarantee change your views on not only the safety of Bare Knuckle Boxing but also of gloved boxing.

Gloves were introduced to make competitions bloodier and briefer. Gloves distribute a blow, and they also add weight to a punch, making it more destructive, The Marquis’s of Queensberry rules took off not because society viewed the new sport as more civilized than the old, but because fights conducted under the new guidelines attracted more spectators and the reason for this?

Audiences wanted to see repeated blows to the head and dramatic knockouts and that just what they got after the introduction of gloves. By contrast, the last bare-knuckle heavyweight contest in the US in 1897 dragged on into the 75th round. Since gloves spread the impact of a blow, the recipient of a punch is less likely to have their teeth knocked out or their jaw broken but is more likely to be knocked out. The reason for this? Contry to what a lot of people think, gloves do not lessen the force applied to the brain as it rattles inside the skull from a heavy blow. In fact, they make matters worse by adding at least 10oz to the weight of the fist and spreading the blow over a larger area, so in essence a blow to the head with gloves is distributing a harder more forceful blow across a larger area of the skull which converts into increased velocity of force to the brain and actually rattling it into the inside of the skull. A full-force punch to the head is comparable to being hit with a 12lb padded wooden mallet travelling at 20mph and I don’t care who you are, you know that a blow of such magnitude will not do your brain any good at all.

As the bare-knuckle campaigner Dr Alan J Ryan pointed out: “In 100 years of bare-knuckle fighting in the United States, which terminated around 1897 with a John L Sullivan heavyweight championship fight, there wasn’t a single ring fatality.” Today, there are three or four every year in the US, and around 15 per cent of professional fighters suffer some form of permanent brain damage during their career.

 Everyone knows that all forms of boxing, be it Gloved or BKB can be dangerous and nobody is denying this, after all Boxing is a combat sport after all, but has boxing always been this dangerous? The answer is arguably no. Ancient boxing was indeed far more brutal with fighters wearing crude coverings on their hands, sometimes with spikes embedded in the knuckle area, to protect the hands and maximize potential damage to the head and body of the other fighter.

The London Prize Ring Rules (1743) It wasn’t until the 18th century in England with the introduction of bare knuckle fighting or “prize fighting” that the safety of boxing from the fighter’s point of view was really addressed. The London Prize Ring Rules (1743) were introduced by bare knuckle heavyweight champion Jack Broughton and gave the fighter two clear safety advantages over their ancient and modern counterparts. Firstly, each fighter was allowed at any time during the fight to drop to one knee for 30 seconds. During this time the other fighter was not allowed to attack and the resting fighter was allowed to regain composure and continue, if he could. Today the referee is the only person that can stop a bout and only then if he feels that the fight is unfairly matched or one fighter is unable to continue due to injury or cuts, or if one fighter cannot defend himself.


As we have seen this can often result in fighters taking too much punishment before the ref steps in and by then the damage can already be done. Secondly and most significantly, the fighters wore no gloves which meant that they were far more cautious when going for head shots due to the damage that it did to the hands. Today’s modern game has more in common with its ancient ancestors in this regard as gloves now facilitate multiple head shots and the scoring system used also favours head shots. Looking at these facts it is hard to justify the set-up of modern boxing when talking about safety of the fighters. Would a return to bare knuckle boxing see a reduction in injuries or a reduction in ticket and pay per view revenue? This is possibly where the real issues lie in the modern game and not with the safety of the sport of BKB.

WHEN a young amateur or a journeyman pro is killed in the ring, as half a dozen are in an average year worldwide, there is not much fuss. But whenever a boxer dies after a world championship fight, or is seriously injured, the sport’s rule-making bodies come under intense public pressure to make the self-styled “noble art of self-defence” less lethal. It happened, for instance, when Benny Paret, a Cuban welterweight, died in 1962 after being battered in a televised title fight in New York.

It happened again in 1980 when Johnny Owen, a Welsh bantamweight, died in Los Angeles after fighting for a version of that world championship. And it happened once more this week when America’s Gerald McClellan lay critically ill in a London hospital where he had a blood clot removed from his brain after being knocked out by Britain’s Nigel Benn in a televised fight for a slice of the world super-middleweight title. Although boxing is cursed by an alphabet-soup of competing regulatory boards, most of the changes that have been broadly accepted in an effort to appease the sport’s critics make sense.

The duration of world title fights has been cut from 15 to 12 rounds. There are mandatory suspensions for boxers who have suffered knock-outs or technical knock-out. Boxers are subjected to comprehensive medical examinations and to test for narcotics. Referees are now much more willing to stop fights to save out-classed contestants from further punishment than they used to be in the bad old days of “Homicide Hank” Armstrong, “Gorilla” Jones and the “Astoria Assassin”. But one change seen by some as making the sport more safe has made it more dangerous: ever-plumper boxing gloves. Heavy gloves (as opposed to mere mitts) were first worn in a world heavyweight championship fight in 1892, since then the regulation gloves have got heavier and heavier until today middleweights and above, not only wear 10-ounce (283-gram) gloves but are also permitted to have each hand wrapped in up to 18 feet (5.5 metres) of bandages held in place by 9 to 11 feet of zinc-oxide tape.

This padding helps the hitter and hurts the hittee. Since the bones in a man’s head are stronger than the bones in a man’s fists, a bare-knuckle fighter risks damaging himself more than his opponent if he hits as hard as he can when he aims punches at the head. Unless he has unusually brittle hands, a boxer whose fists are protected by cushions has no such inhibitions. He can hit to the head with full force without much risk of injuring his hands — and so add to the number of boxers who end up on the slab or with pugilistic dementia.


This can be compared with the illustration above and shows that the secondary impact of the brain hitting the inside of the skull causes the brain trauma, the bigger the projectile the bigger the primary impact and the bigger and more severe the secondary impact. When one relates the projectile as the fist, either gloved or ungloved this makes it very easy to see that an ungloved fist, or projectile, is smaller and size then that of a gloved fist or projectile. In most other respects prize-fighting in the 19th century under the old Broughton rules was far more brutal than today’s professional boxing. Nobody sensible wants a return to the days when pugilists fought to the finish in brawls that sometime lasted for hours. But a return to bare knuckles, or even mitts, would make the sport far safer than it is with boxing gloves.


To summarise, Nicholas Hobbs (Sports Historian) states that gloves were introduced for two main reasons:

  • To shorten the bouts
  • The audience wanted to see repeated blows to the head and dramatic knockouts

And also stated of Bare Knuckle Boxing, or boxing without gloves or padded hand protection:

  • The reason bare-knuckled boxers took a stance that looks silly to us now is that they were mainly protecting their bodies. The head was not a primary target, since a worthwhile punch to the skull would probably break the puncher’s hand. Not so once gloves were introduced
  1. Gloves distribute the force of a punch more widely, reducing the instances of broken jaws, knocked out teeth and blindness. (Apparently, slamming one’s opponent’s head is sometimes worth the broken hand.) But they also add 10 ounces to each swing making a full on punch “comparable to being hit with a 12lb padded wooden mallet travelling at 20mph
  2. With gloves the pain of clobbering a skull significantly reduced, the head has become a primary target. Before, boxing was messier and perhaps more voyeuristically violent. But now it’s deadly
  3. So according bare knuckle boxing may look “more violent”, and it may prevent fighters from always being able to throw their full weight behind a punch, and at times prevents fighters from targeting each other’s heads as much and gloved boxing encourages more headshots and yes maybe it ‘appears’ to be less violent violent” but very often causes extensive brain damage, and in general each blow is felt more powerfully and spread-out than before.

So I ask you in all honesty, does BKB deserve the stigma that it seems to have in the UK? My opinion is no.

Whilst this paper many seem to suggest that I am against gloved boxing personally that is not the case, I merely wish to highlight the fact that Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB) that is stigmatized and is seen by some as inherently dangerous is by far safer than the mainstream sport of gloved boxing.

Bare Knuckle Boxing may break more hands but it breaks fewer heads!


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Brain Injury Resource Centre

Copyright Stu Armstrong Media 2018 ©

North East Man steps into the ‘PIT’ to fight for the ‘Great North Children’s Hospital at the RVI

North East Boxer and unbeaten Bare-Knuckle Fight from Prudoe, Ben ‘The Bull’ Shields, will be stepping into the world of ‘Pit Fighting’ on March 17th at the Spartan Promotions ‘Spartan 1’ show in Mansfield, to raise funds for Newcastle’s ‘Great North Children’s Hospital’ at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Ben is already a successful Bare-Knuckle Boxer who is currently unbeaten and is swapping the ring for the ‘Pit’ for the ultimate combat experience taking on Matt Piper in a 12ft x 10ft pit made from straw hay bales.

The Spartan Promotions show also features some of the best known faces in Bare Knuckle Boxing including Andrew Price (Sunderland) and Ross Chittock (Oxford).

Owner of Spartan Promotions, Christian Roberts said, “I was introduced to Ben by old friend of mine, Stu Armstrong, and straight away I was excited to have a fighter of Bens calibre on the Bill, but I think that donating his full fight place to the children hospital is an amazing gesture”

While Ben himself doesn’t seem to think it’s such a big thing and wants to help the hospital that looked after his Son said “The Great North Children’s Hospital do such an amazing job, and they looked after my own son when he was first born, who knows what would happen without having such a centre of excellence in paediatric care in the area, the very least I can do is donate my purse from this fight to this amazing place and the amazing people”

The fight itself will take place on March 17th at Mansfield Civic Centre, Tickets are priced at £50 and are available from Ben direct from his official social media page.  www.facebook.com/benthebullbkb


Bare Knuckle Legend and star of the movie Knuckle comes Newcastle for ‘An Evening With’

Coming soon to Newcastle / Gateshead is Bare Knuckle Boxing Legend, Author and star of the movie Knuckle, James Quinn

Stu Armstrong and Steve Wraith will present ‘An Evening with James Quinn’ where you will have the chance to ‘meet and greet’ snap a selfie or two and listen to the countless strories  from the horses mouth, as James will tell of his life as a one of the most legendary Bare Knuckle fighters of all time.















Uniquely witty and brutally honest, this is a must for any fan of the Bare Knuckle,  or indeed  boxing.

Dates and venue will announced soon at www.stuarmstrong.com www.newcastlelegends.com and on social media

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BOXER is the story ‘Micky Tyson’, Christened ‘Michael’ by his father after his hero ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.

Micky the oldest of four children takes it harder than the others when his father, an unlicensed boxer, who had what it took to turn pro but never did, was killed tragically by a hit and run driver when Micky was only Ten years old. We pick up the story when Micky turns fifteen, still struggling to cope with the loss of his Dad, by accident stumbles across his father’s old boxing gym, that he visited many times up until his Dads untimely death.

Will Micky have the courage to face his demons and ghosts and enter the gym? Will he follow his father into pugilism? Will Micky come face to face to killer of his beloved farther?

This is BOXER, this is Micky Tyson’s storey over a ten-year period, set in a very real and gritty backdrop of unlicensed boxing in the working class North East of England.

‘BOXER’ that latest book from Stu Armstrong hits the press

‘BOXER’ that latest book from Stu Armstrong hits the press

The latest book from author Stu Armstrong, with foreword by fomer Cruiserweight Champion of the world, Glenn McCory, is set for release this saturday has hit the press this weekend with a fantastic article in the weeks Sunday Sun.

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Sixteen Years a Carer by Paul Green – This is a MUST READ


Please check this book out by someone I huge respect for and is a close personal friend of mine. This is a man devoted to his wife’s care and always no matter what puts her care and needs before his own and everyone else’s I know that Paul has thought long and hard about writing this book which is something very personal so could I please as all of my friends to please check the book out and also please make sure to share.

Everyone should read this book, this is a situation that all of us could find ourselves in just like that, but its hope would cope with that counts the good times and the bad. This is a well written and very honest book by a man to look at you would think that he is a tattooed biker. Well he actually is and shows that no matter whats on the cover of the book nobody knows what people have to contend with day in day out. This is an amazing man that is obviously devoted to his wife. 16 years is longer than many marraiges last these days but Paul has been his wifes carer for that long. Well done on writing this book Paul on a subject thats very personal and no doubt close to your heart, and a subject that people really need to learn about and be aware of as it could happen to them at anytime. Five stars all day long this is must read book!



Huge respect to Paul and I am proud to be able to call him a friend

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If McGregor plays dirty we would be more than justified for a “big suit” — Mayweather Senior

Many in the combat sports world – most prominently on the boxing side – have suggested one of the only ways Conor McGregor will be able to get a leg up on all-time great Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their August 26 boxing match is to ‘fight dirty.’

That belief was recently amplified by McGregor’s former sparring partner and current carnival barker/media pet Paulie Malignaggi revealing all of the supposedly ‘dirty stuff’ he does while boxing, be it for a lack of knowledge of the rules or just outright foul play.

All of McGregor’s potentially vast arsenal of MMA kicks, elbows, takedowns, and holds are obviously barred, and it’s widely accepted that the Irish MMA superstar would be disqualified and face a massive lawsuit from ‘Money’s’ team if he did use them in the bout. But that didn’t stop Mayweather’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., from reiterating that during a recent appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd (quotes via Bloody Elbow), where Sr. offered the thought that with so many people suing each other, McGregor playing dirty would be more than justified for a “big suit”:

“It’s gonna stop right there. And guess what? Then we’re gonna throw a big suit at him. There’s enough people around here suing everybody for nothing, and this is something that you can be screwed for.”

Not surprisingly, Mayweather Sr. believes any diversion from the rules in place would be due to McGregor becoming frustrated at the stifling style of his son’s legendary defensive boxing skills, a widely accepted (and justified) view that Mayweather Sr. insists has lead to his son not training as hard as he has in the past, as ‘The Notorious’ showed the world just how good (or bad) he is in his infamous sparring videos with Malignaggi:

“Like I said many times before, Floyd is better. But I’m saying here now, he’s training good enough for a guy like this. Conor, first of all, showed the whole world his egg, and I think you know what I’m talking about. And guess what, it ain’t nothing.”

That’s the expected viewpoint from the boxing world, not only Mayweather’s team, as many from the sweet science have blasted McGregor’s speed in the ring and mocked him in the ‘Conor McGregor Challenge’ videos blasting his warm-up routines online.

Yet many outside of the boxing feel the opposite way, as the Irish star has been bet down to a tiny underdog comparatively after the glove size for the bout was reduced to eight ounces this week, with his odds of winning greater than many of the world-class boxers Mayweather has faced and defeated according to the sports books.

People are giving their faith to McGregor’s his puncher’s chance perhaps blindly, but that’s all going out the window if he does indeed infringe on the rules of boxing. But based on his love of money and the stakes on the line, don’t expect Mayweather Sr. to be filing that suit.

We’ll just have to wait and see on August 26.

Stu Armstrong Media pleased to work with Clash of the Vikings!

Stu Armstrong Media is pleased to add another top boxing promotion to its client list, the HUGE Clash of the Vickings promotions by old friend of Stu Armstrong, the crazy MC Brian Houshby.

The next Clash of the Vikings show promises to be jaw dropping with an amzing fight card including gloved and Bare Knuckle Boxing to be held at The Point Nightclub in Sunderland on August Bank Holiday Sunday 27th August

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This is how is went down the last time Brian and Stu worked together!



Former Cruiserweight Champion of the Word & TV Boxing Punditt and Personality, Glenn McCrory to write foreword for the lastest book by Stu Armstrong ‘BOXER’

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BOXER is the story ‘Micky Tyson’, Christened ‘Michael’ by his father after his hero ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.

Micky the oldest of four children takes it harder than the others when his father, an unlicensed boxer, who had what it took to turn pro but never did, was killed tragically by a hit and run driver when Micky was only Ten years old. We pick up the story when Micky turns fifteen, still struggling to cope with the loss of his Dad, by accident stumbles across his father’s old boxing gym, that he visited many times up until his Dads untimely death.

Will Micky have the courage to face his demons and ghosts and enter the gym? Will he follow his father into pugilism?
Will Micky come face to face to killer of his beloved farther?

This is BOXER, this is Micky Tyson’s storey over a ten-year period, set in a very real and gritty backdrop of unlicensed boxing in the working class North East of England, out September 30th in Paperback and Kindle from the author of ‘The Diaries of a Doorman’ series of books Stu Armstrong

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Who better is there there to give an insight about the boxing scene in the North East of England, than a man from the area, that not only took part, but conquered the world! Big thanks to Glenn for agreeing to contribute to ‘BOXER’

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Climbing Mountains is now out! The Debut album from Pridez has dropped, here’s how to order!

Pridez the artist behind the amazing ‘Unstoppable’ , Unstoppable Part 2′ and many other top tracks that have went viral online has now realeased his debut alabum ‘Climb any mountain’

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Tanner Fights Spinal Cord Tumor – Please Read!

This is something that I don’t generally do as there are so many causes out there on social media in this day and age that its hard to choose which to support but this is something that I feel I must share. Tanner is the brother of a very good friend of mine over in Canada. Not just the general kind of mate you chat with every now and then but a true friend. A friend that been always there to talk to in bad time and who is always pleased for and my family in good times and has since day one supported my work.

I know just how much this family are hurting but still they are all  there doing everything that they can to support Tanner, you couldn’t find a nice family f you tried. So yes I am asking, I am asking every single person to please make a donation to this appeal, it doesn’t mater how small it is everything helps and if you can’t afford to make a small donation then you can still help by just sharing this post. Please click onto the link below for Tanners Go Fund me page.


Thank you personally from me, to everyone than van help by making a donation or sharing .

Stu Armstrong

The photo below is Tanner alongside his brother and my very good Chance









Tanner went for a self funded MRI in August of 2016, brought on by significant nerve pain and coordination loss. At the point the MRI revealed an intramedullary spinal cord tumor. This meant that the tumor was inside of his spinal cord, as opposed to an extramedullary spinal cord tumor, which attaches to the outside of the spinal cord.

The difference is significant as opening up the spinal cord to remove the tumor is extremely risky, especially in the thoracic region where Tanner is afflicted. Upon further examination it was determined that the tumor was very large, spanning 11.5cm from C7 to T7. As his motor function and quality of life degraded rapidly, he decided surgical removal of the tumour was the only logical course of action.

At this point in time Tanner has undergone 2 surgeries (July 12 when half the tumour was removed and July 26 when they successfully removed the rest of he tumor). Tanner is waiting for a referral to the Cross Cancer Clinic as well as an assessment to get into Glenrose Rehabilitation Center. If you know Tanner you will also know that reaching out like this is a last resort.


Whatever you are able to give please know that any amount helps to ease the financial burden of Tanner’s battle. THANK YOU for all your prayers and compassion. With kindest regards and appreciation we can’t express how much your support means to us as a family.

As if this build-up to the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor fight couldn’t be more stupid. There is now a scheduled fight confirmed between Floyd’s doppelganger and ‘Irishman Mini McGregor’.

Yep, he night before the big fight on August 1 in Las Vegas, these two fellas will come face-to-face at the Hustler Club.

Word on the street says the bout will last a total of 3 rounds.‘Mini Mayweather’ previously fought Mini Pacquiao in he lead-up to their big showdown, which eventually transpired to be shit.

Who takes it? Mini ‘Money’ or the Little ‘Notorious’?

‘Boxer’ the latest book from Stu Armstrong coming soon!!

Boxer is the story ‘Micky Tyson’, Christened ‘Michael’ by his father after his hero ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. Micky the oldest of four children takes it harder than the others when his father, an unlicensed boxer who had what it takes to turn pro but never did, was killed tragically by a hit and run driver when Micky was only Ten.

We pick up the story when Micky turns fifteen, still struggling to cope with the loss of his Dad, by accident stumbles across his fathers old boxing gym, that he visited many times up until his Dads untimely death.

Will Micky have the courage to face his demons and ghosts and enter the gym? Will he follow his father into pugilism?

This is boxer, this is Micky Tyson’s storey over a ten year period, set in a very real and gritty backdrop of unlicensed boxing in the working class North East of England,

Coming soon in Paperback and Kindle from the author of ‘The Diaries of a Doorman’ series of books Stu Armstrong



Sat 22nd july
Lancastrian suite

Doors open 4pm first fight 5pm






All 3x2mins

Blue corner              Red corner

1/ Nicky Clark v Karl Robinson
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2/ John Brown v Jordan Nicholson
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11/ Macauley Riah Jay Gascoigne v Kallum Broadhead
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16/ Big brad robson v Carl Eddies
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19/ Big John Lewis v Ferg Allonby
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After the huge success of ‘Unstoppable’ Pridez aka Shane Ford tonight released the follow up Unstoppable 2 with a fantastic video staring boxers Liam Preece and Sean George by Chris Brooker Films.

The Album is out in August ‘Climbing Mountains’ and without doubt will be a smash!

Breaking News – Tyneside women goes all out to top the record books for the most selfies!!

A local woman is about to put North Tyneside well and truly on the map as she is only days away from becoming the world record holder in selfie taking.

Natalie Hubbard, 21 from North Tyneside already holds a current Guinness World Record on the number of ‘Creep Shots’ taken in one night and fully intends to become a double record holder, but it is a very fine line between a ‘Creep Shot’ and a ‘Selfie’ so the Guinness Book of records will of course be sending Noris McWhirter and Roy Castle round not just to check for cheating but also for the obligate selfie with  Hubbard!

Look for youself of Natalies impressive collection of selfies, there is just no stopping her, and nobody but nobody is safe!

Connor McGreggor vs Floyd Mayweather and so it begins with the first presser as Mcgreggor roasts Floyd

The first leg of the Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Conor McGregor world tour took place yesterday in Los Angeles, but a backstage verbal sparring match between ‘The Notorious’ and Mayweather’s father that was by far the most entertaining part of the whole day.

Dana White had warned at the UFC 213 post-fight press conference on Saturday night that the presser was likely to be “a sh*tshow” and he wasn’t wrong.

First off, McGregor’s entrance was completely botched, with the UFC champion just suddenly appearing on stage and then having to stand there awkwardly for several minutes by himself while they played through his theme songs.

Mayweather on the other hand was afforded a grand walkout, coming in from the rear of the Staple Center arena to the stage while his music played, before finally coming face-to-face with his rival on stage.

Then came a series of painfully dull, self-congratulatory speeches from various executives that only succeeded in killing the tension and annoying the crowd, who began to loudly boo.

Finally the fighters were given a chance to speak, but rather than the traditional Q&A style pressers that UFC fans are used to, which gives the opportunity for an entertaining war of words to break out, instead McGregor and Mayweather were just given an opportunity to take their turn at the podium to give a speech.

McGregor was first up and informed everyone that he didn’t know he’d have to give a speech until he was up on stage, but he still managed to bring his energy and entertainment into the presser.

Then it was Mayweather’s turn, and given that Mayweather Promotions is running the whole show it’s not surprising that he seemed more prepared for the fact that he’d have to give a speech.

McGregor interjected several times, which spiced things up a bit, but then people behind the scenes opted to cut his mic, showing a complete lack of understanding that this kind of drama is what makes a press conference great.

Showtime then dropped the ball again by not having a mic on the two fighters as they squared off again afterwards, with everything they said during a lengthy exchanges just inches from each others faces going completely unheard.

However, though the McGregor Vs Mayweather Jr press conference felt somewhat underwhelming, the Irish superstar’s backstage Q&A with the media afterwards was far more compelling due to the fact that Mayweather Sr showed up to heckle him.

Before long the two were engaged in a hugely entertaining back-and-forth exchange, and as you might expect, it was the sharp-tongued McGregor who schooled him in the art of verbal badinage.

Floyd Mayweather Senior crashes Press Conference to have his say with Connor McGreggor!

Many thought the McGregor Vs Mayweather Jr press conference felt somewhat underwhelming, the Irish superstar’s backstage Q&A with the media afterwards was far more compelling due to the fact that Mayweather Sr showed up to heckle him.

Before long the two were engaged in a hugely entertaining back-and-forth exchange, and as you might expect, it was the sharp-tongued McGregor who schooled him in the art of verbal badinage.

After Mayweather Senior repeatedly informed him that he’d beat his ass, McGregor jokingly mistook him for his son, saying, “You’ll get your chance on August 26th, Junior.”

McGregor then informed Mayweather’s father that they’d made a big mistake by taking the fight.

“I’m just telling you he’s too small. Too frail,” McGregor told him.

“You made a big mistake. You got greedy. He could have been 49-0, rode off into the sunset. Trust me, he got greedy here.”

McGregor largely kept things light-hearted and appeared amused by Mayweather Sr’s constant interruptions, at one point joking, “take that flip-flip out your mouth” at one of the aging boxing coach’s almost unintelligible replies.

“You’re a fan, senior,” McGregor quipped soon afterwards as the 64-year-old continued to yell obsenities at him. “Come on, admit it. I can spot a fan a mile away. It’s in your eyes.”


Fighting Chance Promotions brining Professional Boxing to an iconic Newcastle venue! Full details revealed next week!

Fighting Chance Promotions are proud to announce that in conjunction with Steve Wraith will be brining a top class professional boxing show to an iconic Newcastle venue on September 17th!

All will be revealed about this exciting show very soon, but for now make sure you save the date to avoid disappointment


Ringstars by Reps Boxing & Duel Fight Sports with an exciting line up of the cream of local boxing talent.

August 12th 2017 at The NE6 Suite, Scrog Road, Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne

Tickets available now priced from only £25! Order your tickets now by calling 0191-2627252

Coming soon – Decca Heggie, The Fighter, The Man, The Truth – The Interview by Stu Armstrong Media

In what promises to be a must see / listen interview from Stu Armstrong Media, Bare Knuckle and Gloved fighter Decca ‘The Machine’ Heggie with talk frankly and openly with ‘Stu Armstrong’ about his career to date

This will be broadcast as video on www.youtube.com/totalcombattv and aired on Radio Nova (http://www.novaradio.co.uk) don’t miss this and here the truth!


Connor McGregor allowed to use the ‘Flying Superman Punch’ against Mayweather!

According to Showtime executive vice president Stephen Espinoza, Conor McGregor is allowed to throw a superman punch against Floyd Mayweather. The move that was coined in kickboxing has become commonplace in MMA, but it’s one that ‘Money’ won’t have seen before.

The move starts with a feigned leg kick so just the boxing commission will allow this seems far fetched and surely Floyd would be too fast to get caught?

Superman punch

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Superman punch
Superman punch in Burmese boxing

Superman punch in Burmese boxing
Focus Striking

A superman punch is a technique used in Muay Thai, Sanshou, kickboxing, ITF-style taekwondo and mixed martial arts fighting.[1] The technique involves bringing the rear leg forward to feign a kick, then snapping the leg back while throwing a cross, resulting in greater power behind the punch.[2]

The earliest documented superman punch in mixed martial arts was performed by Bas Rutten at UFC 20 against Kevin Randleman.[3]

Professional wrestler Roman Reigns uses a “jumping, cross-body right hand” (not necessarily the martial arts version described above) as a signature move, which he called the Superman Punch.[4][5]

A variation involves pushing off from the fence with the opposite foot prior to the punch.[6]

KELLY HEADLINES JD NXTGEN SHOW IN NEWCASTLE -Olympian tops the bill on June 23 taking on South Shields fighter Tom Whitfield

GB Olympian Josh Kelly will top the bill against Tom Whitfield in the latest JD NXTGEN show at the Walker Activity Dome in Newcastle on Friday June 23, live on Sky Sports and on Sky Sports Facebook.

Kelly has impressed in his opening bouts in the paid ranks, landing his first stoppage win in Birmingham with a clinical display against Jony Vina to add to his debut win over Jay Byrne.

Adam Booth’s 23 year old charge represented Team GB in Rio at Welterweight and will face Birtley’s Tom Whitfield, the 30 year old that challenged for the Northern Area strap in his last outing in October.

‘Pretty Boy’ has expressed his desire to move quickly as a pro and the Sunderland man is looking for another stand out performance to put both his style and boxing in the North East into the spotlight.

“This is going to be brilliant and I’m so happy to be fighting in the North East,” said Kelly. “It’s going to be a great night for the fans and I’m buzzing to be topping the bill with some great fighters from up there.

“Boxing in the North East is buzzing right now, there’s so much talent and we need the platform to showcase that.

“I had a couple of days off following Birmingham and was then straight back in the gym. That’s what I want to do, I want to stay busy and keep learning, go from strength to strength with the great team behind me and move forwards as quickly as I can. I know that by the end of next year I can be in big fights.”

A host of local stars appear on the bill as former World champion Stuart Hall as he looks to build to another World title shot, Bradley Saunders returns to the ring, unbeaten Super-Middleweight Jordan King looks to build on his 8-0 start, Cruiserweight pair Simon Vallily and Warren Baister continue their assault on the division, while Preston’s Super-Welterweight Scott Fitzgerald is also in action.

Tickets are on sale now priced £30 unreserved balcony, £40 unreserved tier, £60 reserved floor seats and £100 reserved VIP seats – tickets are available contact Fighting Chance Promotions now to avoid disappointment

Fighting Chance’ Heavyweight ‘TK Jone Valau’ smashes to a 3rd round stoppage win in Deutschland

Last weekend saw a North East ‘Fighting Chance’ Fighter pack his bags, along with former two times Northern Area Champion, Paul Charters, and head off to fight at the Rittal Arena in Germany.

Travelling for this  heavyweight clash and taking on an unbeaten 11-0 fighter , some said that that this heavyweight was simply sent over toDeutschland ‘to take a beating!

Heavyweight Prospect, Fijian born serving British Solider, Jone Valau TK had other idea’s as did his gateshead based camp at Fighting Chance.
TK boarded the plane with a respectable record of four wins and one loss, and a game up his sleeve the came from from relentless training with Fighting Chance trainer manager Ron Rowe MBE, and boy did it go to plan!
The German Burak Sahin, was about to loose his zero at the hands of ‘The Brown Bomber’ rather than coasting to a 12-0 record as maybe he expected,.
From the off TK showing his pedigree, skill and training as the taller German with the longer reach just couldn’t cut it with TK who stopped Sahin in the third round with a perfectly placed  left hook which not only ended the fight but shot TK up the professional rankings.

Now ranked at a very respectful 15th in the Heavyweight British rankings provided by ‘Boxrec’, and 169 out of 1280 in the World which surely will only rise with the 33 year old fighter in fine form, as he looks towards his next bout coming up soon at MTK Scotland.
TK Jone Volau is without doubt one to watch, TK always comes to fight and never to make up the numbers, and doesn’t come to take part, he comes to win!
For FREE professional boxing coverage, news, views, interviews and full fights subscribe now to the official Fighting Chance YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/fightingchance

Stu Armstrong to return to Radio with ‘Nova Radio North East

Stu Armstrong is once again bringing his hit radio show ‘The Stu Armstrong Interviews’ back on the s he joins ‘Nova Radio North East’.

The show, as its name would suggest is an interview based show around combat sports, and once again will bring the biggest and best names in combat sports worldwide to the show, and as always my interviews will ‘Always pack a punch’.

If you are involved in combat sports and would like to be a guest on the show then please contact radio@stuarmstrong.com 

Please visit the ‘Nova Radio North East’ website www.novaradio.co.uk for m0re information and don’t forget to clink on the link to download the player and listen live!

Jon-Lewis Dickinson to be presented with top level award by the Area Boxing Council

One of the North Easts must successful professional boxers and holder of the Londsdale Belt outright, Jon-Lewis Dickinson is to receive a top level award from Northern Area Professional Boxing Board.

Jon-Lewis will attend the presentation evening on June 2nd which will be held at the Lambton Arms, in Chester-Le-Street.

Please get in touch now to order your ticket to attend the evening and celebrate along with Jon-Lewis his amazing success. To find out more about Jon-Lewis Dickinson’s career click here

To order tickets click here or call 07863 145401

Do you have a Company, Brand or Product that you would like to get known nationally by the UK Public? Then national mainstream TV is the perfect place to screen you ad’s!

Do you have a Company, Brand or Product that you would like to get known nationally by the UK Public? Then national mainstream TV is the perfect place to screen you ad’s!

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This Bank Holiday Monday tune in to FAST FM 87.9 where Stu Armstrong will be LIVE between 5pm & 6pm

FAST FM Newcastle is radio a show that broadcasts live during Ramadan from the Islamic Diversity Centre in Newcastle, Stu Armstrong will be on air LIVE at 5pm this Bank Holiday Monday with Fast FM Host Abu-tayeb Khairdeen.

The Islamic & Diversity Centre was setup in 2002, in an attempt to break down some of the many myths and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, this was done for both non-Muslims and Muslims and they do some amazing work that provides benefit to people of all faiths.

You can find out more about the IDC by visiting the website http://idcnortheast.org or subscribing to the YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/IslamicDiversity or by following onTwitter at https://twitter.com/islam_diversity

Stu Armstrong was quoted as saying “I first met Abu-tayeb two years ago after an introduction from a friend from Radio Northumberland, Paul Green, and went onto Fast FM as a guest, I found out from Any-tayeb just what amazing work the IDC carry out to challenge and break down misconceptions and work to help people of all faith’s.”

“I am looking forward to being a guest on the show again on Monday and hope that I can help to break some misconceptions and barriers down. After the disgusting atrocities of this week in Manchester I am sick and tied of hearing and reading peoples uneducated views on Muslims, so this is something important to me. NOT all Muslims are terrorists, in fact the 99.99% of Muslims are just normal everyday down to each people that are just as disgusted as anyone about the Manchester attacks and I think the people need to remember that.”



Stu Armstrong Media proud sponsor of Team Reps Boxings HUGE Summer show ‘Rise of the Warriors 8 – Carnage at the Coast’

We are proud to be one of the sponsors of the latest ‘Team Reps’ Boxing show, on June 10th at The Park Hotel Tynemouth. The massive summer boxing show is the latest in the ‘Rise of the Warriors’ shows aptly names


The main event promises to be cracker of a fight as former Professional and Bare Knuckle Boxer ‘Chrisy Bennett’ takes on Josh Johnstone for the FCC Welterweight Title.

With a joint main event that see the return to ring of Marc Armstrong who takes on Lee Welsh and and Team Bolam who takes on Tom Crulley

With a packed undercard, and a number of Junior bouts once again Team Reps Boxing is raising the bar!

Tickets available now call 0191-2627252

Do you have a Company, Brand or Product that you would like to get known nationally by the UK Public? Then national mainstream TV is the perfect place to screen you ad’s!

Do you have a Company, Brand or Product that you would like to get known nationally by the UK Public? Then national mainstream TV is the perfect place to screen you ad’s!

Then we can help. We are very pleased to announce that we can provide airtime for your video commercial or ad on a major national TV Channel that is available on both Sky TV and Virgin Cable TV.

If you have ever looked into moving your advertising campaign over to mainstream TV then you will know just how expensive this can be, currently I am in the unique position of having a number of slots already secured in the ad breaks of a major televised sporting invite therefore we can keep the prices very low. Interested parties are invited in the first instance to contact ‘Stu Armstrong Media’ via email to media@stuarmstrong.com

LIVE Streaming Service now available from Stu Armstrong Media


At Stu Armstrong Media we provide a top quality LIVE Streaming service using state of the art equipment. We specialise in Boxing and other combat sports events but we can cover any event. All of our packages  are bespoke to each client or event allowing you to select only the offerings that you require in order for us to bring you the highest quality at a fraction of the cost of other such providers.

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Extra bout for charity confirmed on Team Reps Summer Show

The huge summer boxing show, presented by Team Reps Boxing, ‘Rise of the Warriors 8 – Carnage on the Coast at the Park Hotel in Tynemouth has conformed an extra charity bout.


Lewis ‘The Coyote’ Wile, cousin of promoter Andrew Wie, will make on Anthony ‘The G-Man’ Gargan both, both fighters will be fighting to raise money to charities close to there hearts.

Lewis will be fighting in in of ‘Beat’, who are the UK’s leading charity supporting anyone affected by eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS or any other difficulties with food, weight and shape. www.b-eat.co.uk

Anthony also is raising money for a fantastic cause, ‘Breast Cancer UK’  www.breastcanceruk.org.uk

Tickets are available from both fighters, from Reps Gym (StationRoad Wallsend) or by calling the dedicated ticket line on 0191-26227252.

Former MMA Champ, turned Bare Knuckle World Champion Liam ‘Bad Intentions’ James set to prove himself once again, and keep the World Title Strap in North Shields

Last December it seemed that everyone in world of the ever growing sport of BKB was shocked, with the exception that is of myself, Liam ‘bad Intentions’ James and my Son Ben, when he took the Lightweight World Bare Knuckle Title from the seemingly unbeatable Kevin Bennett, and in Kev’s own back yard of Hartlepool.

Fan and Friend of Liam James, my son Ben Armstrong, ecstatic as Liam becomes World Champion

The former champion Cage Fighter, that has fought all over the world as part of the huge Cage Warriors promotion was classed as a massive underdog, after all, “What could a Cage Fighter do with a former commonwealth Champion Pro Boxer that was unbeaten in Bare Knuckle” well that is what most fans, and many other fighters seemed to think.

Everything changed on that cold December night in Hartlepool as ‘Bad Intentions’ (James) climbed into the squared circle on what was only his fourth Bare Knuckle outing, to face the vastly more experienced ‘Bulldog’ (Bennett).


Nobody could ever doubt that Bennett was, and still is a class act, many thought in a class of his own, after all they don’t call him ‘Body shot Bennett’ without reason. Bennett was a very talented Professional Boxer before taking the gloves off to fight BKB, beating Michael Muya in November 2003 to become the Lightweight Commonwealth Champion.

Kevin ‘The Bulldog’ Bennett back in his gloved days

Since Kev first entered BKB he has dominated most of his opponents and finished them with crippling shots to the body, from his first Bare Knuckle against talented multi discipline fighter John Spencer, to his last before taking on James against Durham’s Brad Harris (Rematch), but this night was to be different!

Kevin Bennett vs John Spencer

As the bell signaled the start of the first round of un-gloved pugilism, for the World Title Liam James stuck to his game plan and dominated from the off keeping Bennett on the back foot until this fight was stopped by referee Barrington ‘One Eyed Baz’ Patterson on medical advice to a nasty cut to Bennetts Head.

Referee Barrington ‘One Eyes Baz’ Patterson

The room fell silent, was this it, was the fight over was Liam James to be crowned to Lightweight King? The wait seemed to be agonising and felt like it lasted a lifetime when in reality it was only seconds, with the doctor and medic checking out Bennetts cut head, and Liam James stood in a neutral corner with ‘Bad Intentions’ on his face ready to go and get stuck in to fight some more.

The heart stopping moment the referee stopped the fight to take medical advice

On medical advice the referee waved the fight off and a new Bare Knuckle Lightweight Champion of the World was crowned, in the form of Liam James, this was very unpopular in Bennetts own back yard of Hartlepool, and understandably Kev Bennett was gutted, for the want of a better word, immediately asking for a rematch, as the audience started to Boo the new Word Champion.


The Medical Officer on duty on the night said of the cut on Bennett “It’s was decided by the ringside doctor to be in a too dangerous location to allow it to continue, to close to the eye, the cut was in his view unsafe to continue and could have caused further injuries and needed medical treatment from the Doctor, not safe for the fighter to continue as he could not see due to blood in his eyes”


James agreed for the rematch with Bennett, however he needed a little time out to have surgery to remove a chip of bone in his arm. Surgery and convalescence now complete and what is one of the most eagerly anticipated rematches in the sport in scheduled for April 22nd at Coventry.

Liam who trained under John Kavanagh and was the training partner of ‘The Notorious’ Conner McGregor doesn’t see the fight ending any differently to the first, but a determined Bennett will be determined to reclaim the Word Title strap.

Liam James with friend and former training partner the UFC’s Connor McGreggor

Liam, who is currently in training camp to defend his World Title told me “You can train all your life but nothing can prepare you for standing in front of me. I showed that in December and I’m going to put a stamp on it next week


The former Cage Warriors star, James, is also looking to resume his career in Mixed Martial Arts, and is hoping to step back into the cage with Cage Warriors this year. Liam hasn’t fought MMA since mid-2014, at which time he was the ranked number five in the UK and Ireland and had trailed in Las Vegas with the UFC.

Liam James with Cage Warriors

Tickets for the rematch of Liam ‘Bad Intentions’ James and Kevin ‘The Bulldog Bennett’ are available now from Liam who can be contacted via his official Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/bkbbadintentions

Champion of the World

Stu Armstrong

Stu Armstrong Media

www.stuarmstrong.com www.media.stuarmstrong.com

www.facebook.com/TheStuArmstrong www.twitter.com/TheStuArmstrong


Copyright Stu Armstrong Media 2017 ©



‘Stu Armstrong Media’ set to film an Interview with Northern Area Champion, Daniel Cope

Look out early next week for a video interview with current Northern Area Champion, Hartlepool’s Daniel Cope.

Cope who is set to defend his area title strap on April 22nd against Ferryhill’s Billy Snaith will be interviewed by Stu Armstrong, talking all things boxing, he up and coming title defence and of course Billy Snaith.

Snaith who was interviewed by ‘Stu Armstrong Media’ on film two weeks ago, seems to be no fan of former friend and training partner Cope with taunts such as “Yes you have your fans but your fans can’t fight for you, I have my fans but I can fight”, that have been picked up by the press.

The interview described on social media by Cope as an embarrassment has certainly set the tone for the April clash. If you haven’t seen the Snaith interview yet, then see below to view.

‘Stu Armstrong Media’ Interview with Pro Boxer Billy Snaith makes Newspaper Headlines

The recent interview filmed by ‘Stu Armstrong Media‘ with unbeaten prospect Billy Snaith in the run up to his Northern Area Title challenge against current champion Daniel Cope has been making newspaper headlines, and generated huge interested in both the press and the boxing world.

Snaith will taking on Cope at Sedgefield’s Hardwick Hall on April 22nd on the huge showcase of professional boxing ‘Winner Takes All’

Tickets available from: http://www.proboxingnewcastlegateshead.com/tickets/

Click here to read the full article in the Hartlepool Mail


If you haven’t seen the explosive interview with Billy Snaith then click below to view now.


Look out next week for our exclusive video interview with Daniel Cope!

The Powerhouse of MMA

When you think of the word ‘Powerhouse’ you automatically think big, your automatically think strong, well maybe that’s why ‘The Powerhouse of MMA’ gets his fight name from. 35-year-old Darren ‘The Powerhouse’ Towler is my no stretch of the imagination a small man, standing at 6Ft 3” and weighing in at 17.5 stones of muscle.

Darren entered the elite ranks of becoming a mixed martial artist almost in his late twenties, which today would see him starting as bit of a latecomer, but in his just over half a decade of competing in MMA he has more that caught up. He originally didn’t intend to become a mixed martial artist or even compete in MMA, Darren went along to his local MMA gym with fitness in mind, his local gym just so happened to be ran by the man that is widely credited to have brought MMA to the UK, legend in ranks of the sport and the first ever British UFC champion, the ‘Machine’ himself Ian Freeman.

As the friendship between Towler and Freeman grew, so did his interest in MMA. In Darren’s own words “The Sport just took hold of me”, and the rest as they say is history. To this day Darren still trains and fights out of the renowned home of Ian Freeman ‘Machine MMA’ in Concett, Country Durham.

Freeman said of Towler this week It’s been three year’s out the cage for Darren but the time off seems to have recharged his batteries, but more so his mind set.

Darren seems more focused and more determined to win without all the obstructions he used to have getting ready in his last fights. Darren has put a lot of hard work into this fight and deserves the success. Hopefully he can keep winning and regain that British title. Let’s not forget, he never lost that title, it was vacated”

Darren recalls his first competitive MMA bout against Richie Moore which he won in a scorching fast 45 seconds by strike and submission, this fight was matched at Super Heavyweight and Darren walked away with his first win, and first title

Darren was always, and still is of the philosophy that he didn’t want easy fights, he wanted hard fights, in face the hardest to test himself against the best and his record currently stands at 10 wins and 9 losses, looking at Darren’s record it’s easy to see that he has taken the hardest fights and his losses are certainly nothing to be ashamed fighting some of the best in UK, names such as South Shields based fighters, James ‘The Juggernaut’ Mulheron and Phil Defries who currently are ranked as the number one and number two heavyweights in the country

‘The Powerhouse’ has also had some resounding wins with one former opponent, Brad Conway, saying of Darren “Darren is the strongest man that I have ever fought, he got me in a clinch and gave me a knee to the chest so hard that actually felt my soul leave my body, to this day my soul still hasn’t returned”

Towler is currently a Heavyweight Professional MMA fighter, and the former UCMMA British Heavyweight Champion after taking a win by TKO over Ben Smith after the referee stopped the contest due to a very bad cut to Ben.  This was a huge fight, and a great win for Darren who had lost to Ben in a previous encounter. This fight and others can be viewed on YouTube at www.youtube.com/stuarmstrongmedia

Darren was never beaten for the much sought after Heavyweight strap, in fact due to some personal circumstances at the time he actually surrendered his title and took some time away from the sport, but he is now back, and back with a vengeance and a new hunger to once more literally fight his way back to the top and reclaim his British Title.

Darren Towler is now back in the sport, and back with a vengeance and hungrier than ever, he has one think on his mind and one thing only, he wants ‘his’ UCMMA British title back.

 “I was never beaten for the title, I surrendered the title as I was away from the sport for some time for personal reasons, but I do want the belt back”

“I am working hard and fighting my way back to the top, after my next fight next weekend (25th March) which I have trained very hard for, and I am very confident of taking a win from, I feel that I have more than earned my title shot, I am ready, I am training and I am waiting. I am not one to make a fool of myself or disrespect other fighters the way some do, but if John Demmel the current champ is reading this, the with greatest of respect let’s see if we can’t get this fight on, it would be huge for both of us”

On Darren’s return to the sport he straight away showed that he hadn’t lost it and was still still as strong, powerful and fast as ever after a lighting quick win over Mixed Martial Artist and former Bare Knuckle Boxer, Nuneaton’s Jon Chopper Stone aka Painter in only 9 seconds! Since then he has gone from strength to strength.

Darren has great respect from his fellow fighters, a good friend of mine and fellow UCMMA fighter Stanlee ‘Big Country’ Wilson told me this of Darren “When I first saw Darren fight it was for the UCMMA Heavyweight Title against ‘Big Ben Smith’. Darren won and as I recall it was by first round stoppage due to a cut. I was also at Darren’s first title defence which ended pretty much as soon as it started, Darren stuck out a stinging jab that dropped his opponent and Darren didn’t give in from there either. To say I am a fan of Darren’s is an understatement, he is a giant of a man but very humble with it. I hope to see him get that title that he didn’t loose, back very soon” (Look out for a feature on Stanlee ‘Big Country’ Wilson coming very soon)

A couple of weeks ago I spent the morning with Darren during a strength and conditioning workout being trained by highly renowned and former strongman champion Jack Lovett over at the fantastically equipped Spartan Performance Gym in Concett. The first thing the struck me that day was for such a big, strong and powerful fighter he has lightning speed moving his 6Ft 3” 17.5 Stone frame incredibly fast. I imagined for a moment that to face Darren in the Cage would be like facing a speeding oncoming heavy goods train! Most defiantly not for the faint hearted.

I watched as Jack relentlessly pushed Darren hard in this brutal training session, it was amazing to watch seeing the mutual respect and trust between highly experienced trainer and highly experienced fighter, with Jack knowing just how hard to push Towler and what area’s he needed to most work on.

Chatting with Darren during an interesting and friendly, open interview I found Darren to be an out and out gentleman as well as being very humorous and open.

The training session and interview can be viewed here:

Darren’s next fight is scheduled to take place on March 25th at Southend on Sea against Scandinavian fighter Andreas Lagaard ‘The Norviegian Viking’. Darren says of this fight “I take nothing for granted, we are both coming for the win and not to make up numbers but my head is right, my training is right, my fitness is on point and there is no way on this earth I am going home without the win”

Tickets for Darren’s fight are still available by contact Darren through his Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/Darren-Powerhouse-Towler-1007868455980156 or www.stuarmstrong.com and is also available to watch live via live stream at www.ucmma.co.uk


Towler highly praised the gyms and trainers that help his push towards his goals, with his time split between Team TSG (Team Sure Grip), Machine MMA (Ian Freeman) and Spartan Performance Gym (jack Lovett and is the first to admit that if not for being able to train in what he credits as the very best training facilities, with the very best trainers then he wouldn’t feel as ready and confident as he does going into this fight.

Daniel Burzotta, team coach at TSG commented Darren been with us for a good few years now winning al of of titles. He travels down weekly and that’s dedication, we are probably one of the only old school MMA gyms that has a lot of heavyweights, people like Stav Economu and myself. Darren has worked very hard for this fight training twice a day.  We haven’t left anything un-turned and he is in tip top shape and looking to make a statement in the heavyweight division”

For more information on Darren ‘The Powerhouse Towler’ please follow him on his official Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/powerhousemma and for any media related enquiries for Darren please contact Stu Armstrong Media at www.stuarmstrong.com


Stu Armstrong

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Billy Snaith set to take on Northern Area Champion Daniel Cope – April 22nd @ Hardwick Hall

After his title success last weekend Billy Snaith is looking to to take another strap and soon, and not just any old one but the Northern Area Title of Daniel Cope.

Just after stepping from the ring on Saturday with his new belt during an interview for Stu Armstrong Media, when asked what what next Billy didn’t mince his words and it was Cope that he wanted.

Steve Wriath went on discuss his thoughts on the possible fight and confirmed that he was working hard to get the fight on!

The fight is as they say ‘On like Donkey Kong’ and with these fighters gunning for each other then the place to be on April 22nd has to be Hardwick Hall

Tickets are available now to pre-order by clicking here and believe us when we say they will sell fast!

Look out on Monday for an exclusive Interview, as Stu Armstrong talks withBilly Snaith


Stu Armstrong Media chosen as the official Media Partner of ‘Fighting Chance Promotions

Top Professional Boxing promoter Fighting Chance has announced that it’s official media partner is ‘Stu Armstrong Media’.


Posted on the official website of Fighting Chance was this:

New Look Media Content To Help Take Team FC Forward
We are delighted to announce that as of today, we will begin to develop a team that will specialise in the development of online content and in particular, live online streaming.

We know that in order to raise the profile of North East boxing and North East fighters, we must enhance our online platform to reflect a changing shift in the way in which audiences consume and engage with TV and online content.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that we are working with Stu Armstrong Media, to produce online content for ‘Fortitude’ on March 11th.

Stu’s background and experience in this is area is invaluable and we look forward to welcoming him on board for this show.


Click here to read the full article on the Fighting Chance Website